Dogs, owners lock lips at US Valentine's Day competition

Pucker up! In a bizarre competition in the US, dogs and owners locked lips at the annual Valentine’s Day canine kissing contest, with the winning pair smooching for 45 seconds straight.

Beau, a humble-looking 12-year-old Yorkie and dachshund mix, was crowned the winner and still champion of the ninth annual Valentine’s Day Canine Kissing Contest and Cocktail Party at the Planet Dog Company Store in Portland on Tuesday.

Beau’s winning, unbroken smooch with owner Linda Walton of Saco lasted 45.8 seconds. It was a little off the pace of nearly a minute he set last year, but still good enough to lick the competition, Bangor Daily News reported.

Second place went to Sunny, a Staffordshire terrier, and owner Casey Mountain with a time of 16.8 seconds. Third was lapped up by a dog named Django and owner Erik Boucher, who locked lips for 11.7 seconds.

For their winning effort, Walton and Beau were awarded a USD 75 gift certificate to the Planet Dog store. Walton donated most of her winnings to the runners-up.
“Last year’s winner,” which was Beau again, “was upwards of one minute and some seconds, which is a pretty lengthy kiss to watch,” Jim Williams, owner of Planet Dog Company where the event was held, said.

“It gets very competitive,” said Williams.

“Some of our dogs and owners actually train for this every year so they want to come out and have the longest kiss and we time every kiss,” he said.

Planet Dog is a Portland-based designer, developer and retailer of dog products.

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