Power demand shoots up, as farmers return to fields

Power demand shoots up, as farmers return to fields

A large number of farmers in these districts are back using irrigation pumpsets in their fields. However, with the imbalance in demand and supply for power, there could be unscheduled load shedding in the evening in urban areas, according to KPTCL officials.

An official who toured Raichur, Gulbarga and Bellary districts said that at least 75 per cent of total IP sets in North Karnataka region are being used as there are no rains.
 “ Eventhough, farmers have lost standing crops they don’t want to sit idle. Nearly 25 per cent of the total power in North Karnataka goes towards pumpsets,” the officer said.

The State’s total demand for power is 40,000 mu, whereas the supply remains around 32,000 mu. In other words, daily requirement of power is 130 mu, while the supply stands at around 110 mu. Though 111 mu has been allotted to all the five escoms on Tuesday, while the supply remained at 109.8 mu, on Sunday.

Raichur thermal power generating units had developed some major problems. Hence, four units could not generate power for four days prior to Saturday. Hence there was unscheduled load shedding across the State.However, now the system is back in action.

But all commercial establishments and offices were closed from last three days and there was not much pressure on the grid. Actual power demand will be known only on Tuesday. If rural areas begin to consume more power, then there could be unscheduled load shedding in several places including Bangalore, the official said.

However, Principle Secretary Energy Department K Jairaj,  said that he was not foreseeing any shortage in power supply in the near future. “There was some problem with Raichur I unit but it has been set right. Units I, II and III are old and requires maintenance.However, it is not the time to take up that work,” he added. By next March, 1200 MW of additional power will be generated in the State, he claimed.

Jairaj also said that power supply in almost all the villages of flood-ravaged villages of North Karnataka have been restored. Energy Minister K S Eshwarappa has convened a meeting of chiefs of all escoms and officials of the Energy department , on Tuesday, to review the power situation and works to be taken up in flood-hit areas.