Woman burns down house while shooing away frog

A 56-year-old woman burned down her house while trying to shoo away a frog from the premises in an Argentinean town, a media report said.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Wednesday when Fraihaut panicked at the sight of a frog in her bedroom. She poured alcohol over it and set it on fire, reported Xinhua citing La Nueva Provincia newspaper.

The frog, on fire and still alive, began to hop about, landing on the bed and setting fire to the sheets and the blanket. The flames spread rapidly through the house and even to the next building.

Volunteer firefighters put the blaze under control in two hours, the daily said, adding that Fraihuat's house sustained major damage and would probably be demolished to avoid a collapse.

Fraihaut, who lived alone, survived the fire unharmed and was taken to a clinic, where she would be temporarily housed.

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