Glimpses of a beautiful place

Glimpses of a beautiful place

Tibetan Showcase

Glimpses of a beautiful place

The colourful and traditional ‘Himalayan Peace Nite,’ held at the Tibet Mall in Koramangala, saw a huge turnout as talented youngsters from the Tibetan community provided wholesome entertainment to the audience in the midst of a bandh.

The area was bustling with people from other communities as well. The entire Tibetan community could be seen lending their support to the programme as they sang some popular songs together. Apart from that, there was fashion and talent shows and a dance programme by the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts.

The fashion show saw models flaunting traditional Tibetan attire. Clad in a beautiful and colourful chupa, they walked the ramp as the crowd cheered them on.

The talent show had some extremely gifted singers and dancers performing. Tsering sang a traditional Tibetan folk song while Waseeb sang a popular number. Sonam, who was attending the show, described it is a great opportunity for young Tibetan students who stay in Bangalore to meet each other and interact.

“If you see, a huge number of people from our community have come here. This has become an excellent platform for us to meet others from our community. It is also an opportunity to understand their problems and find a possible solution for that. Programmes like this are a good way to promote young talent and we are enjoying the evening,” she says.

“We did not expect such a massive turnout. People from all over the City have come here. It is not just Tibetans who are attending the show today but people from all communities. It feels nice that people are interested in our culture and our way of life,” adds Dolma, a participant.

The colourful display of the culture of Tibet gave a glimpse of their daily life, their festivals, their freedom movement etc.

Dorji, who had come from Kammanahalli, was excited to see her friends perform at the show. “I was very excited to see the show and it is a grand one. The vibe here is wonderful and the best part is that all of us have contributed to the programme in some way or the other. And it has become a success,” he sums up.