Bangalore boy on cloud nine after Spielberg pat

Bangalore boy on cloud nine after Spielberg pat

Bangalore boy on cloud nine after Spielberg pat

 A day after Krishna Bala Shenoi, filmmaking prodigy from City, received a mail containing a letter from his idol Steven Spielberg, the feeling, he says, is yet to sink in.

On Wednesday, when Krishna opened his mail, he was awestruck to find a letter from the iconic filmmaker acknowledging him for the 70-second documentary he had made as a tribute to him.

Even though Spielberg’s assistants have intimated Krishna that the actual copy of the letter will follow shortly, Krishna is hardly thinking about it simply because he still cannot believe the turn of events of the past two days.
“They asked me for my address on Wednesday and took my phone number today. I, however, do not know when the letter will reach me. I am too dazed to think about it and it might dawn on me probably when I do receive the letter,” Krishna said.
Ever since the news became public, Krishna has been getting a lot of praise. “A number of people on Facebook and Twitter have congratulated me,” Krishna said.

The most important thing that this young lad wants to convey, however, is the fact that someone so great took time off his schedule to give encouragement to someone like him. “His movies deal with various themes like hope and love and over the years I had a hunch just by looking at these movies that the man was a very good human being,” said Krishna.

Future plans

Krishna is currently involved in making a film about Everest Theatre in Frazer Town. He has spoken to a number of people who used to go there. “I have interviewed people asking them about their experience of watching films in the theatre during their childhood. My mother used to watch movies in this theatre as well.”

This filmmaker also wants to make another tribute film for the Indian-American filmmaker, M Night Shyamalan, whose films, he feels are often misunderstood and underrated. “This is, however, still just an idea.”