Love clicks in the strangest of ways

Love clicks in the strangest of ways

Love clicks in the strangest of ways

Falling in love, rejection due to circumstances, picking up shattered pieces of life — all have currency among film-makers and a new line of directors is all set to cash in on the same. With the aid of dialogues enough to last two films and couplets, first-time director Suni lays bare the mechanics of love. But his approach might not be music to some ears.

A luckless adman goes in search of his sister’s lover to seal their alliance and also get himself hitched to the guy’s sister. He comes across Nandini, masquerading as Itihasini, the doctor he is supposed to marry, and the film’s juggernaut rolls out.

“Simpallagi Ondu Love Story” (SOLS) is painted across a vast canvas, peopled by deprecating words and lots of visual beauties that float on soulful strains of evocative music by another newcomer, music director B J Bharath. Like the dialogues, the lyrics too are irreverent sometimes. Rakshith Shetty and Shwetha Srivastav seem to relish the dialogue delivery competition that camouflages the story somewhat with three ‘sub-plots’. It also brings to mind the Adam Sandler-Drew Barrymore starrer “Fifty First Dates” but only towards the end.

The film’s plus point is its treatment of an antique theme. The director has been able to manage all the resources at his disposal rather brilliantly — the “baanali badalago...” song being a fine example.

Shwetha seems to be in charge of most of the film, coming after “Cyber Yugadol Nava Yuva Madhura Prema Kavyam” and Rakshith shows yet again the fine actor in him. Radio jockey Rachana is given a role that suits her on-air avatar.

The censors are generous, like parents who indulge their kids in their occasional wantonness.

This team, however, has the potential to overcome crassness and deliver entertainers that delight both the mass and class audience. This simple love story will stay with the youth and those young at heart for some time to come.