Making a great connect

Making a great connect

Stronger Ties

Making a great connect

A  brunch was hosted by Felim McLaughin, ambassador of Ireland, and Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, honorary consul general of Ireland, Karnataka on the occasion of St Patrick’s Day at Sunny’s recently.

Green was the only colour in sight — be it the décor and food to the clothes worn by the guests or the three-tiered cake with four-leaf clovers on it. Little pots of gold and leprechauns were on display and people had ‘Happy St Patrick’s Day’ tags pinned on them. Everyone sported a big smile as they made merry and enjoyed the food and drinks.

“The brunch is a great way to get families involved to celebrate this day. In Ireland, St Patrick’s Day is a public holiday, schools are closed and there are parades in every town. It’s just about sharing the day with people from the community. It’s an important opportunity for Irish people and Indians with an Irish connect to get together since ours is a very small community in India, with less than a dozen of us in Bangalore,” notes Felim McLaughin.

Before the lavish meal was served, the national anthems of both countries were played. This was followed by a short welcome address by the hosts themselves.
“It’s a matter of great joy that the bonds between India and Ireland are getting stronger with time. There’s a bit of Irish in every Indian and a bit of Indian in every Irish — that’s how special the bond is,” says Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw. Her husband, John, adds, “St Patrick’s Day is a great day all over the world. It is rapidly becoming as big an event in Bangalore as it is in places like Boston and New York. It’s a wonderful feeling to be celebrating and living the spirit of Ireland.”

Guests had a great time at the brunch. “It’s always nice to be here and celebrate St Patrick’s Day. It was very authentic, especially because Guinness beer was served, which you can’t find anywhere else. It’s just a nice way of meeting people and spending time with family and friends,” shares Margaret Heffernan, an Irish guest.
On the menu, there were a variety of salads, breads, cheeses, baked dishes and pastas to choose from.

“Normally, I make an Irish stew. But there was enough decoration to make it look like St Patrick’s Day. So this year, there’s just as much lamb and green on the menu as is possible,” informs Arjun Sajnani, owner of Sunny’s.