Now, 'black box' to warn you before your car breaks down

A new ‘black box’ device that warns car drivers of an impending breakdown in advance through a phone call, text or email is to be launched in UK.

The automated system to be introduced by by the RAC motoring organisation means that drivers will receive a phone call, text or email telling them there’s a fault with their car.
The matchbox-sized device slots into the car’s computer system and transmits data before and after a journey, the ‘Daily Express’ reported.

In case the car breaks down or has an accident the RAC Advance it will automatically alert a patrolman with its location and the nature of the problem. The system updates computers at RAC headquarters with information about how the car is running. If a fault is detected, drivers receive a phone call, text or email.

The black box device detects engine and gearbox problems, checks batteries, alternators, brake wear, throttles and filters.

The device has been incorporated in all 1,700 RAC patrol vehicles and it will be available to all RAC members this year with the cost added to subscriptions.

“Offering peace of mind in a box, RAC Advance will revolutionise how we deal with our members,” RAC technical director David Bizley said.

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