Doctor leaves forceps in woman's stomach

Doctor leaves forceps in woman's stomach

A women has to suffer untold pain for three weeks due to the doctors’ callousness at a private hospital at Bikaner district of Rajasthan.

They left behind a 7-inch forceps in her stomach during a caesarean operation. Doctors at a government hospital on Saturday removed the forceps after 18 days of surgery as the women was complaining of acute stomach pain and omitting all these days.

Dr Ashok Parmar, associate professor of surgery at PBM hospital who conducted the operation said, “Poonam Kanwar, 25 of Karani Vihar got a caesarean done at a private hospital on February 25. After getting discharged, she complained of acute stomach ache which made her family consult doctors at the same hospital. But those doctors could not find anything wrong even after sonogrpahy and instead gave her some pain killers.”

When there was no relief, she was taken to the government-run PBM hospital on Thursday.
After an X-ray, it was revealed that a 7-inch forceps was left inside her stomach. The forceps used for stitching was left behind during the surgery.

The woman had to undergo a second operation on Saturday to remove the forceps. Doctors at the hospital said that the woman is now recuperating there. 

The patient’s relatives are planning to file a court case against the private hospital to claim damages.