State govt asks people not to harm tourists

State govt asks people not to harm tourists

Jammu and Kashmir Assembly passed a unanimous resolution appealing to people of the state for safe passage of current tourism season and not to harm tourists and tourism infrastructure.

“Let the members of this House bring a unanimous resolution cutting across the party affiliations and appeal people for safe passage of tourism season, not to harm tourists, damage tourism infrastructure and transport facilities and pass it with thumping of benches,” state tourism minister Gulam Ahmed Mir told Assembly on Monday night.

Mir, senior Congress minister in the state, appealed to the people of Kashmir Valley for ensuring safe passage of the season starting from April this year.

Projects completed

The Centre has sanctioned 79 tourism projects worth Rs 367 crore for creation of varied tourist related infrastructure facilities in the state during the last four years against which 62 projects have been completed, he said.

Three mega projects, including Rs 38.15 crore for Naagar Nagar, Srinagar to Watlab, Rs 16.92 crore for Mubarak Mandi Heritage Conservation Project and Rs 22.43 crore for Trans-Himaliyan Cultural Centre Project Leh, are also under implementation, he said.