Colours of spring

Colours of spring

Seasonal Decor

Colours of spring

Little changes in your decor scheme, in the form of draperies and curtains, ceramic tiles with motifs of birds, floral towels, all help usher in spring at home, writes Meenakshi Thanikachalam.

Spring is the season of flowers, ferns, birds. Some of the plants that have a strong association with spring include dandelions, daffodils, lilies, primroses, hyacinths, tulips, azaleas, irises and lilacs. This is the best time to bring colour and life to your decor scheme. You can introduce various elements and motifs such as butterflies, birds, blooming trees into your home decor.

When it comes to the colour scheme, neutral colours on the walls ensured that my job became easy. You can change accessories and draperies for each season, thanks to the neutral colour background. A colour scheme of pastel green, yellow, orange and white in varying shades ushered in a spring-inspired atmosphere at home.

Also, one can’t imagine spring decor without flowers such as tulips and forsythia. The same goes with our very own jasmine.

When it came to curtains, upholstery and draperies, I added a drapery curtain in peacock blue with yellow embroidery feather motifs adorning hand woven bamboo shades and floral kalamkari yellow duvet covers. It goes without saying that seasonal makeovers always start with draperies and fabrics. To bring out the yellow motifs in the drapery fabric, I contrasted with a bunch of yellow forsythias in a wicker hand woven eco-friendly basket. Spring decor would be incomplete without these beautiful flowers.

Tulips have a close association with spring. Golden tulips bulbs found a place in my dining area. The table runner with teal, yellow, blue shades matched the yellow bulbs. My window sills welcomed new succulents. Also, I added an orange banarasi zari pillow to accompany the firecracker plant that bears orange flowers, in my living room. Spring is when birds return home after a winter migration. I picked up a handful of painted ceramic bird tiles (woodpecker, sparrow and cuckoo). I used a plate hanger to hang the ceramic tiles on the stairway upstairs. I welcomed spring with a small branch from a tree in my backyard in the foyer beneath the peacock-style antique mirror. An eco friendly coconut Ganesha by the side enhanced the decor scheme. Also, spring hues are ideal for tabletop decor. I added a fresh touch to the table with decor accessories that had motifs of fruits and vegetables. Floral printed towels worked their magic as well.

With these small changes, I could feel spring at home! As we are getting ready to welcome warm weather, it’s never too late to try out these ideas!