If looks could kill

If looks could kill


If looks could kill

Remember the hawk-like Miranda Priestly, the devil, from The Devil Wears Prada movie? The Fashion Magazine Editor was the perfect embodiment of a confident and fierce corporate woman, what with her severe stares, pursed lips, and clad in Prada top-to-bottom, to top it all!

Well you don’t really need to be clad in Prada, to look a corporate devil. If you have the right attitude and a wardrobe that can complement it, you’re set to stare down your clients with killer looks!

One of the early morning tasks for every woman is to decide what to wear to work. We spend so much time standing in front of the wardrobe thinking what to wear, how to accessorize it and how much is too much. Especially when it comes to dressing for work… It’s tricky, for one needs to keep in mind the work environment, dress code given by the company, and also what one is comfortable in.

Power dressing is a way of dressing, which makes the wearer seem authoritative and competent. In today’s scenario one does not need to wear power suits to look professional. Even if you’re in a kurta, you can get away with looking professional, but only if you know how…

*The most essential wardrobe element is a crispy white shirt, which fits you just right.

* Work wear does not have to be only in white, black, or grey. You can implement soft coloured shirts and skirts. If you like only dark colours and are bold enough, try chocolate brown, mauve, or purple.

* Wear a blazer for that special presentation or meeting. Make sure the fit is right at the shoulders and little narrow at the waist so that it does not look bulky.

* Ditch that black bulky blazer for colours like wine, blue, or go bold with a red blazer.

* Keep your hair tidy and finished. Also, experiment with a couple of hairstyles - Braid, half up, a neat low bun, or a neat high ponytail.

* If you wear a skirt to work, make sure you are comfortable with the length. Just an inch above the knee length suits most body types and is comfortable too.

* Accessorize to work. Make dressing for work fun and team it up with one or two accessories but make sure it is not too much.

* Play with layers. Add a vest or a pullover with a formal shirt. Wear complementing colours while layering.

* For those lunch meetings or get-togethers, do not be afraid to mix and match. Go for prints and clean silhouettes.

* The right footwear is one thing, which is most ignored, that can make or break an outfit. Be conscious while buying shoes for work. It need not be boring. You can opt for kitten heels or wedges, which are both comfortable and trendy.

10 ways to dress right to work – desi style

* Desi style of dressing need not be boring. You can wear it to work too! The first rule for formal dressing is the fit. Make sure the kurtas are tailored for your size.
The cut shouldn’t be bulky. An anarkali kurta for work is not suitable. 

* Choosing a bottom for kurta is important. Do not pair it with your blue jeans, it does not look professional. For a short kurta you can opt for a Patiala salwar or go for a legging which complements the kurta.

* If you’re comfortable in sarees, fill your wardrobe with handloom, khadi, and other cotton sarees.
Drape the saree in the plain old fashion with neat pleats. Fold the pallu (don’t drape it all over your hand) and wear a pin to hold it in place. 

* Pair your handloom saree with a contrasting colour silk or block printed blouse. You can also go for blouse with traditional thread embroidery. Stay away from the bling.

* Pair your kurta with an interesting printed stole or a bright coloured sleeveless vest.

* When it comes to desi formals, it is all about the colours you choose, as the designs and patterns should be kept rather minimal.Choose earthy colours (red, maroon, black, grey, dark green, dark blue) as they have the most elegant effect and go very well with office wear. You can implement bright colours in the form of accessories and layers.

* Given that desi formals are plain, they give more room for make-up. Lay special emphasis on the eyes by using kajal, eye-liner, or kohl.

You could even use mascara and eye shadow if you’re up for it (just ensure the eye shadow does not glitter or shine). A smoky effect conveys a powerful stare, quite literally.

* While accessorizing keep it subtle and suitable for work. Wear either earrings or a neck piece. Don’t overdo. You can also try experimenting with different kinds of  silver bracelets.

*  The right footwear can be tricky to choose. You can pair your kurti with a subtle embroidered jodhpuri or go for a plain solid coloured heels. Make sure there is no bold print or ornamentation on the footwear.

* The tight low bun is a classic hairdo for ethnic formals. You can also experiment with 5-strand braid.

If you’re running short of time, just let your hair down with a side or mid-partition, but ensure you straighten your hair for a sleek look.