Kanoor devoid of basic facilities

Kanoor devoid of basic facilities

Kanoor devoid of basic facilities

Defunct borewells, silt filled lake, wild animals menace and shortage of electricity are the plethora of problems faced by the Kanooru village, which is situated on the periphery of Nagarahole reserve forest.

Kanooru is situated 15 km away from Ponnampet. There is one Government Primary School and a government primary school in the village. As the village is situated adjacent to the forest, wild animals menace is a common problem.

Amidst all the problems, the people have managed to construct houses in coffee estates. There are a few individual houses and group houses.

Dirty water flows on the road. The surface of the road has been chipped off in the entire village. The visitors are welcomed with the potholes.

Roads are very narrow in the colony. With lack of scientific waste disposal mechanisam, the villagers dump wastes into a lake nearby. The lake was a lifeline of the village in the past. Now, it has gone dry and is contaminated.

Though laterite stones have been dumpwed beside the lake to take up the work on its rejuvenation, no work on rejuvenation has started so far.

Villagers said that the gram panchayat should initiate measures to conserve the water body. The ground water level in the village has reduced drastically. Villagers have urged the authorities to lay drains and aslpaht roads.