Teenager stabbed to death over eve-teasing

Teenager stabbed to death over eve-teasing

A 17-year-old boy was allegedly stabbed to death by his two friends over eve-teasing at outer Delhi’s Mangolpuri. The accused juveniles have been apprehended, police said on Saturday.

Akash, who lived with his family at Mangolpuri J block, was attacked around 2.30 pm on Friday. It is alleged that Akash used to tease one of the accused’s sister.

“Akash sustained a stab wound in his lower right thigh and succumbed to injuries late on Friday,” a police officer said.

Akash’s mother Meena told police that she was at Indira Park market for shopping when she saw Akash being beaten up.

One of the minors then took out a knife and stabbed Akash, who was held by the other juvenile. Local people gathered hearing the commotion, but the accused managed to flee.

She immediately rushed him to Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital with the help of other people.

“Being an eyewitness, she claimed to have seen one of the accused threatening to kill Akash for troubling his sister,” the officer added.

“He was brought here in an unconscious state and succumbed to his injuries,” a hospital source said.

“The accused have been arrested and they now face charge of murder following Akash’s death,” the officer added.