Gutted building violated fire safety norms

Last Updated 25 March 2013, 19:57 IST

The building, in which S R Seating Systems was housed, violated all fire safety norms, say senior fire officials.

The building, a few metres off Magadi Main Road near Kadabagere Cross, was new, with the first floor still incomplete. The building is owned by Ramakrishna of Sunkadakatte.
The ground floor, completed three months ago, was rented out to S R Seating Systems, run by Amith Rathore.

Rathore, hailing from New Delhi, is a resident of R T Nagar. The firm has a factory a few blocks away and the building ws used as a godown. However, men also worked there and thus, it doubled up as a factory too.

The building had only one entry and exit point. It was also locked from outside when the fire broke out.

There was no provision for an emergency exit. All the windows were grilled, making an escape through them, impossible. 

The building also lacked a regular electricity line from Bescom. The factory was being run on a temporary electricity line that the building owner had installed during construction of the building.

There were no fire extinguishers on the premises. Senior fire officials said the fire department had not yet inspected the building and so no objection certificate had not been provided.

It was evident that the seven labourers worked and stayed at the factory premises for the last three months and cooked their food in the factory. Firemen found a badly burned electric stove. The switch board in the rear of the factory was also badly burnt.

Forensic experts and electricity board officials, who visited the spot, are investigating the cause of the fire.

(Published 25 March 2013, 06:15 IST)

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