'I don't want to imitate anyone'

'I don't want to imitate anyone'

Bold Step

'I don't want to imitate anyone'

Actress Pranita is one of those few actresses who has always been lucky with the films she signs. Be it in Tamil, Telugu or Kannada, Pranita has managed to leave her mark and let people know that she’s here to stay.

Now, the actress has not only bagged a big Telugu film, which has Pawan Kalyan in the lead, but is also busy in Kannada with Angarakha and Whistle.

“It’s an amazing phase in my life as I am getting to do what I love the most and work with some talented people,” Pranita tells Metrolife. Ever since she made her debut in the Darshan starrer, Pokiri, Pranita has been choosing her roles carefully. “I was lucky to have had a great start with Pokiri. And I didn’t want to jinx that by doing a series of films.

That’s why I took time and became a bit choosy about what I should sign,” she says. It was this positive attitude that got her a break in Telugu and Tamil films. And now,Pranita will be doing her boldest role ever, in ‘Whistle’, which is the remake of the Telugu movie ‘Pizza’. Starring opposite Chiranjeevi Sarja, Pranita plays the role of an independent girl, who lives with her boyfriend. “This is a very bold role for me. And I am happy because most of the time, people have seen me as a traditional girl or a village belle. This will be something different and fun to watch out for,” she adds.

Though the movie is a remake, Pranita says that she will bring her own touch to the character. “I don’t want to imitate anyone. I will bring out the director’s vision to the character and add my touch to it,” she explains. But this also doesn’t mean she will be going through a complete image makeover.

Pranita says she has no qualms about portraying the village belle either. “In fact, I am also a part of Angarakha with Prajwal Devraj. I am playing a very traditional girl in the film. This is a heroine-oriented film and will be a complete contrast to the role in ‘Whistle’,” she adds.

About being a part of the recently concluded Celebrity Cricket League, Pranita says that apart from getting to know people from other film industries, the CCL has also helped her widen her horizons. “I got a closer look at how other film industries work. In fact, we rarely get to hear about Bengali or Bhojpuri films and now, I got to know them as well. There is so much more to explore and I can’t wait to get started,” she signs off.