Going beyond the textbooks

Going beyond the textbooks

Going beyond the textbooks

There was a time when college life was more about taking part in a variety of interesting activities and building memories around the same. But in today’s fast-paced world, student life is often jam-packed with assignments, deadlines and plenty of course work. How would a bit of sports or other club activities help in a student’s life?

Metrolife talks to students across the City to find out what they feel about this. “The relaxation and freshness that any extracurricular activity brings — compared to just mugging up and following a lecture — is beyond explanation. A fresh mind and physical strength is required for a student to perform better,” says Sukruth M S, an MBA student, adding that taking up an activity that one is passionate about leads to a sense of fulfillment.Mohd Zafar Imran, a final-year professional student, feels that including such activities in colleges will help in the whole development process of a student. He opines, “Any game or activity involves team spirit as well as a sense of dependency on others in the group. It’s not really easy to interact with everyone just by being in a class together. External activities bridge those communication gaps and help in overall personality development.”

“Sports and other activities help in physical and mental growth and help in the whole evolvement of a student,” adds Adithya Prashanth, a BCom student who plays for his
college football team. “It not only puts the student in the spotlight but the college on the City’s map too,” he states. Shoba Ramakrishna, a second-year MBA student, feels that activities should be included in the deadline-oriented schedule of a student’s life, as they help to build bonds — which is something that every student needs.

She says, “Such activities automatically lead to sharing and caring. I’ve always been involved with cultural activities. For instance, we had a fest at our college — with which I was deeply involved — and that helped us to see how cordial and cooperative each of our teammates were.”    Many management colleges and other colleges may not have elaborate hobby clubs and activities involved in their schedules, but they try and involve students in some activities that they have in college.

“At RV Institute of Management, we have different activities held as part of fests, like flower arrangement, drawing and painting activities. It helps to increase the creativity and helps de-stress, from the regular schedule,” says Srivatsa Vivek, a second-year student. Other colleges like SJR College for Women, involve their students in different fests and activities related to nature clubs. Others, though, feel that it isn’t easy
to balance studies and other activities.

“It’s almost impossible to include compulsory activities into college life. Firstly,
not every college has the infrastructure or funds to do so. Most colleges would rather put financial resources into laboratories and the like,” feels Radhika Chibber, a mathematics student. Sibi M, a biotechnology student, agrees that taking up an activity at the college level isn’t practical.

“Let’s face the truth. I’m a science student and I barely get time to step out of the labs to relax. Otherwise, I’m doing lab records or reading up for forthcoming exams. Phone calls and my much-needed sleep are my only breaks,” she says, adding, “If there were more than 24 hours in a day, this could be a possibility.”

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