Now, a gadget that cooks breakfast automatically!

Yes, scientists, led by design teacher 26-year-old Yuri Suzuki who worked at the Royal College of Art in London, have come up with the 15-metre-long fully automated breakfast machine for those who are too lazy to cook their own meals.
The device cooks up omelettes from scratch before toasting bread, which it can butter and add jam to - depending on taste. And of course the early morning pick-me up of coffee is also available at no extra effort as well as fresh orange juice, 'The Daily Telegraph' reported.
In fact, the gadget was made in Platform 21 exhibition centre in Amsterdam and the project saw scores of helpers and other designers contribute.

Suzuki, who was born in Tokyo and has lived in London for three years, said he had been inspired by Hollywood films. And, he said it should be possible for lazy people to come up with their own version of the device.

"If someone wanted to make one for themselves it might not leave you that out of pocket. We bought a lot of the stuff from a car boot sale, so it didn't cost that much -- in total the project was probably 900 pounds.
"When you look at movies like Pee Wee Herman and Back to the Future, there are breakfast machines in them. It was completely automated, it worked on its own -- I felt like the conductor at the event when we were putting it together.

"We had lots of different people come and help us out with putting it together. People came and we would task them with coming up with different bits of it. It is absolutely massive and is 13 metres by three metres and in total took 88 hours to build, spread over 11 days -- it was an incredible effort," he said.

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