Mona Singh is all excited about her forthcoming movie 'Three Idiots'

Mona Singh is excited about her forthcoming movie Three Idiots in which she has a supporting role. “I had good fun while shooting for Three Idiots, it was a great learning experience. I learnt a lot from Aamir and Kareena. A lot of joking and fooling around was there on the sets of the movie. It was almost like one good family,” she gushes.

Mona has the qualities of the girl next door, who is very simple and is easy to get along. Her fashion statement is: “Plain jeans and a white top would be my standard and favourite style of dressing.” If at all she finds time for a nice good vacation, then she would head straight away to Goa without even thinking twice about it. Her favourite food is any Indian dish.  
She finds a young spirit in Bangalore and she simply loves the place. “I have visited Bangalore thrice in four years and it has changed a lot. People are very friendly here, there are many places to hang out and I have spotted a lot of youth around the City which is so nice. I simply loved the airport when I arrived today morning,” she tells.

When asked whether playing the character Jassi has helped her career in any manner, she says, “Jassi gave me everything I could ever dream of. So many of dreams came true because of Jassi. My journey in Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin was fabulous. I was very lucky to get Jassi’s role, it was very good. In fact, it was a little tough for me to get out of Jassi initially. Now I have managed to leave it behind.”

Coming to reality shows, she feels that they are done to death, “All kinds of reality shows have come out and they have reached their heights.”
Her future projects include Lakshman Rekha, a love comedy directed by Vinay Pathak and another movie which has not been named yet, but is
going to be directed by Abhinav.

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