Going back in time

Melodious Renditions

Going back  in time

Bangaloreans were recently treated to an evening of classical music, which focussed on the compositions of Haridasa, at the Bangalore Gayana Samaj. This was part of a week-long celebration called the Haridasa Habba.

The evening began with the Gangakhed brothers, Venkoba Rao and Rama Rao, singing dasavanis. “We have been conducting this event for the last 12 years. ,” says B S Shashi Kumar, vice-president of the Haridasa Sampada Trust. M Venkatesh Kumar, a renowned classical singer, performed on the final day. Some of the compositions sung included Sri Yativara Namipara Surataruve, which was followed by Parvatiye
Deviye Girijeye Kalyaniye, Kande Karunanidiya Shivana,
Nambide Ninna Pada Mukhyaprana, Kamale Kamalalaye and Yendu Kambeno Nandagopana.

There were also popular renditions which included Hari Kunida and Toredu Jeevisabahude. The programme concluded with Ondu Baari Smarane Saalade.
When asked about his thoughts on singing these compositions exclusively for the Habba, he says, “Right from my early learning years, my guruji Puttaraj Gawai insisted that we learn and sing Haridasa Sahitya and vachanas as they bring divinity to us and improve our singing, lending emotion and devotion. I have been greatly influenced by singing Haridasa Sahitya and vachanas and I enjoy singing them.”

“I find a lot of youngsters attending classical concerts and it is a very encouraging fact. Many of them have taken up learning classical music for themselves — there are quite a few serious learners as well. This is the effect of listening to acclaimed singers and the fruits of the efforts that our elders sowed in teaching and popularising classical music,” he states, adding, “I see a great future for classical music in the years to come.”

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