Experimenting with thoughts, creativity

Experimenting with thoughts, creativity

The artist is one who inhales art in every bit of his spirit and tries to validate his creation through the detours of creativity. This was indeed very much visible in the art camp ‘Vishwothama,’ the week long national-level art camp jointly organised by Paryaya Sode Vadiraj mutt and Udupi Art Foundation.

Artists participating in the camp were given a theme to work on the canvas and were inspired to create their own identity for art in the midst of artistic minds. The theme was ‘Bhu Varaha’ and ‘Hayagreeva,’ the Lords worshipped by the seers of Sode Vadiraj mutt.

‘Bhu Varaha’ and ‘Hayagreeva’ are the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Certainly it is a pleasure to observe the aesthetic perception of Lord through the surrealistic imagination of the artists. The images scripted on the canvass were totally different from the customary painting. Each artist experimented with his thoughts and creativity.

Veteran artist from Hyderabad Bolekar Sri Hari who has countless international and national acclaims to his credit told Deccan Herald that a proficient artist will never confine himself to any perimeters. Freedom is utmost important to boast one’s creativity. The conception that merges liberty with imagination produces the best of all art works.
 However, working on a given concept is totally a different experience and also a challenging task.

 “I just want my art to be different from the other artist’s creations, hence I tried black and white colours on canvass to sketch ‘Bhu Varaha’. It is a very rare perception and it gives immense pride when viewers glance at it with keenness.”

He added that artists position everywhere in the world is similar and it is the life of struggle. Creative people struggle all over. Most of the times, artists abroad do not depend on art for their livelihood. Many a times a butcher will also be great painter unlike in India, he said.

Snehal Paghe from Pune who works on portraiture says portraits have given her a unique scope to apply logic in realism. She said a lay man can easily understand and it is a true colour relationship. Creativity is hidden in the attempt to find logic, she added.

Deviprasad Rao from Goa said he feels privileged to be an artist. He is an action abstract painter and he scribbles his abstract concept on canvas in such a way that it makes an easy understanding. He says working for a theme is different and also a challenging task. Here an artist should find his own visual language and also should keep evolving new shades of visual language. He said he has worked on ceiling art in Moira village of Goa for continuously eight months. It is his one of the wonderful work.

Artists Vasudev Kamath from Mumbai says it is one subject and only expressions will be different. It maintains individuality in the art. This is an attempt to connect artists with people and also society. Working in the midst of public will reduce the gap between artists and public.

Artists should be for society and he disconnects himself with his art once he finishes his art. It is the asset of the society, he opines. Vasanth Rao who organised the camp says that there are many issues within the Asta mutts and Sri Krishna temple which should be unraveled through art. There are many issues on which artists can experiment with their creativity, he added.

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