All you need to do is make it happen

All you need to do is make it happen

All you need to do is make it happen

If you like to do different things every other day, you might want to try a career in event management, writes Ankur Kalra.

The event management industry offers excellent opportunities to those who are looking for exciting careers which are a perfect combination of thrill and passion, work and fun, creativity and dedication. From campaigns at malls, colleges, schools and corporate parks to mega events like the Commonwealth Games, Bollywood Awards, IPL, Formula One, concerts and gigs – there is enough to fuel your imagination and meteoric career growth.

In this young industry, the only degree that really counts is a degree of passion in delivering high quality experiences that create a ‘wow factor’. Right from decoding the brief, cracking the big idea, coming up with path breaking concepts and themes, getting into the execution stage and putting it together, event management agaencies create something that people will remember forever.

What's it about?

The experiential industry is about organizing a professional and focused event for a particular target audience. It involves visualizing concepts and planning, budgeting, organizing and executing events such as fashion shows, musical concerts, corporate seminars, exhibitions, wedding celebrations, theme parties, product launches, among others.

What all can you do?

*Client Servicing & Business Development: The team meets with clients on a regular basis, understands their requirements and ensures that they are fulfilled.

*  Creative Concept & Design: These are the people who come up with  innovative ideas and exciting concepts that form the core of each event.

*  Operations: They deal with vendors, venues, manpower and take care of all logistics of the event to ensure the perfect execution.

In addition to the above, today event management companies also have vacancies for various profiles, including public relations, promotions, telemarketing, administration, etc. that give you the opportunity to work in support functions.

Getting there

You can start your career in the event management field either by joining any event management company as a trainee/apprentice or by joining an event management institute as a student. Organizing events and fests in your school and college is a good first step. This is, however, one industry that does not require a formal postgraduate degree - graduates with good public relations and networking skills can join this field. Training usually happens on the job and experience lets you climb up the ladder faster than you can say ‘go’.

Skillsets required

If you have an appetite for challenges and would like to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment where no two projects are the same, a career in event management will suit you. Here are some that make for a basic checklist:

*Problem solving: You should be able to acknowledge a problem, recognize that it has to be solved then and there, and always think on how the situation could be avoided in future – basically think on your feet.

*  Innovation: or thinking out of the box, each event requires a new theme and concept. It helps to have a finger on the pulse of your audience to create exciting ideas. Innovation and passion are the key drivers for Event Management.

*  Negotiation skills: You need lots of it, to deal with clients, with managers of the celebs you want for the event and a host of vendors to get things done.

*  Ability to work under pressure: One should remain calm and cool at all times, so that others are not adversely affected. Remember, it’s all about putting up a good show.

*  Planning: There is a lot to be done at each event and everything needs to work like clockwork. Many times you may be handling more than one event at any given time.

* Networking skills: An event manager needs to build his network. One must, therefore, be able go out and talk to people, and maintain that acquaintance.
Salary concerns

The starting salary for freshers is generally anywhere in the range of 10,000-15,000 per month. However, within a short span of two to three years, depending on one’s ability, this can increase exponentially. So, the incremental growth prospects in terms of salaries are very high in this sector. Besides, there is also a provision for earning incentives and commissions through business development.

Industry growth

Given the undoubted potential that exists in urban and rural markets, domestic and international markets and in the Brand and Consumer Engagement zones, the events industry is on to exponential growth. The organized portion of the Indian events and activation industry is estimated to grow to INR 4,375 by 2013-14. Marketers propose to increase the proportion of their BTL spends from 17.8% today to 19.6% by 2013-14. Sports, weddings, rural and digital are poised to be the sectors that will invest heavily in BTL and the sunrise period for the industry is officially underway. (Source EEMA / E&Y White Paper 2012)

The final word

The events industry is strictly off-limits for anyone looking for a typical 9 to 5 desk job. There are no fixed deadlines, you may not get to go home during events and you’re bound to feel intense pressure sometimes. But little comes close to the satisfaction of managing an event perfectly and getting great feedback from your client. For those who enjoy a fast-paced life, love to socialize, and don’t mind the unusual hours - there is a lot to look forward to. The adrenaline rush that you feel right after completing an event has been compared to many a gravity and vertigo defying feats by seasoned experts in the field!

(The writer is Founder and CEO of an Events Management Agency.)

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