Be alive and flourish

Be alive and flourish

Be alive and flourish

Peace and harmony make a house a home; family health must be nurtured.Stress and worries haunt many families. As time goes by, we slip into a mechanised routine; our responses become automatic.

Our sensitivity numbs, we sleepwake, sleepwalk, sleepwork, sleeprelate. Each family member exists like an island—concerned only about his/her stuff. Nobody listens. We must understand that it needs a great inner stability and maturity to live as an island. Otherwise, we gradually lose the sense of being in control of our lives. Small changes feel like huge disruptions.

 Confusion clouds the mind. Emotions fly off the handle—and you don’t have to be a teenager to experience these mental and physical upheavels!  It’s time to set your radar right through thought, behavior, and action.

Thought: One of my favourites is this beautiful self-awakening line: “Yet more is to be found in me.” It never fails to strike like a lightning flash that briefly and brightly illuminates hidden spaces of potential  and resources within me. How much we have and how little we use! Make this line yours.

Behaviour: First, choose to be courteous to your family, friends and colleagues. Don’t take them for granted. Each of us is born to express and experience life our way—why not do it courteously, gently, gracefully? A pleasant look, a supportive word is sweet manna against the bitterness of fear, guilt, failure. Who doesn’t want to be at ease?

Further, an overburdened liver makes you cranky. Transfats in packaged, processed, fast foods force the liver to use maximum energy leaving us drained, truculent, surly. These transfats upset the smooth metabolizing functioning good fats that help maintain our natural happy outlook. When the omega 3 levels are suppressed by transfats, we become angry, aggressive. Sugar, the other mood-killer, forces the body to produce loads of insulin. Insulin reigning in the bloodstream means no glucose for energy. This makes you lethargic, demotivated; situations appear overwhelming, setting the scene for a tantrum.

Action: Eat natural for beautiful results. Fresh seasonal fruits, carrots, potatoes, greens, millets, a few nuts, sprouts, curd are all we need to be pleasingly nourished and pleasantly disposed towards life. And whenever you feel irritation rise, sip cool water until you feel the mental blur disperse and clarity and calmness return.

Masters exhort, “Learn to control your mind, otherwise you are just like pieces of matter in action.” Courtesy has a wonderful self-renewing quality –to discover your grace when you’re under stress is definitely a ‘wow’ feeling. It enriches you and uplifts your life by opening inner ears and eyes and painting fresh, new perspectives. You tune into a greater harmony and each day feels like it’s proceeding exactly how you want it to. Ultimately, in our relationships, being courteous is rolling out a soft carpet for others’ weary feet to tread upon.