Don't okay 'Kodava land' appeal: Samiti

Don't okay 'Kodava land' appeal: Samiti

CNCs demand is illogical as 82 pc of people in Kodagu are non Kodavas

The Kodagu Janapara Horata Samiti is staging a protest under the leadership of former MLA D S Madappa in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office in Madikeri on Friday. dh photo

The protest was led by former MLA D S Madappa, Samiti President Korakutteera Sara Changappa and other leaders. They demanded that special sanction should not be sanctioned for Kodagu in the interest of people of the district. While Kodagu has 19 Kodava language speaking communities including Kodavas, there are other sections including Gowdas, who speak Arebhashe (Gowda Kannada), Okkaligas, Veerashaivas, Yaravas, Kurubas, Kodava Muslims, Billavas, Bunts, Christians and Malayali speaking people. All such communities have their own culture, customs and traditions and they live harmoniously in the district, protestors said.

However, an attempt to create rift among communities is being made in the land, which was praised by many for its cultural unity. It is a dangerous move that the Codava National Council (CNC) is demanding separate Kodava land separating region, where Kodavas reside,  the Samiti alleged.

Not all Kodavas support the CNC fight for Kodava land. The fight, which is being carried out by only a small percentage of Kodavas, is aimed at breaking communal and religious harmony in the district, they charged.

There is no logic behind CNC’s demand for Kodava land as 82 per cent of the poulation in Kodagu are non-Kodavas. The move will not only break harmony, but also hinder the overall development of the district. Hence, CNC should withdraw their demand for Kodava land, Samiti urged adding that citizens of the district will have to unite and fight, if CNC continues to fight for their demand.