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Last Updated 26 May 2013, 13:13 IST

Young people these days are spending more and more time in front of the computer or television. The lack of open spaces in the City is the primary reason for this. Parents are becoming concerned about the lethargic lifestyle of these young people and are making them enrol in dance and theatre workshops as well as adventure activities.

When it comes to such activities, Bangalore has a lot of options. Many workshops are designed to keep a young person’s interest in mind.

 Vanitha, a parent, says, “I wouldn’t want to see my son whiling away his time. I
want him to do something productive.”

Karuna, another parent, says she misses all those spaces that old Bangalore had. “I remember spending hours together on the streets with my friends playing hopscotch or lagori. I wish my child could do that too. Options like workshops are really helpful. At least the young people can have fun while they learn something,” adds Karuna, whose son attends karate classes.  

The dance classes range from jive and salsa to tango. Mritunjay, who runs a dance studio in Koramangla, says that dance is a great form of exercise. “Most parents who enrol their kids here want to ensure that their kids have fun and also get exercise. Dance is one thing that offers both.

But we prescribe classes depending on the age of the child,” he adds.

Ahana, a student, who wants to sign up for a dance workshop, says that the classes will help her develop a sense of balance as well. “I am very excited about learning dance. It is different and unlike school, I don’t have to do any homework!”

Learning martial arts is another activity that many schools and college students are doing. Suraj, a college student, says though he plays basketball after college hours, he is also keen on learning a martial art form. “I am very keen to train myself in a martial art form. Apart from helping me increase my fitness level, it is going to be therapeutic. It will keep me calm,” he adds.

Going to adventure camps is another common activity of these young people. From mountaineering, climbing and kayaking, there are plenty of courses and organised training programmes to choose from.

Arjun, who works at an adventure camp, says, “The aim of these camps is to develop survival skills among young people. But we don’t recommend them. We first see the age of the child and the fitness level. Only then we go ahead.”

Vijay, a parent, sums up, “There are so many options right now that at times I feel playing on the streets sounds so boring.”

(Published 26 May 2013, 12:45 IST)

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