Chandila got Rs 2L for predicting result

Chandila got Rs 2L for predicting result

Chandila got Rs 2L for predicting result

It has emerged from Rajasthan Royals cricketer Ajit Chandila and bookie Bhupender Nagar’s interrogation that the bookies might have also targeted an IPL match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

S N Srivastava, Special Commissioner of Police (special cell), however, said the police had no evidence yet to conclude whether the match was fixed. The match was played in Ranchi on May 12 and Knight Riders had won by four wickets.

Sources confirmed that Nagar, arrested in Greater Noida on Monday, was in touch with Chandila for the past seven to eight months. Nagar used to work as a security manager with the Jinx night club at the Eros Hotel in south-east Delhi’s Nehru Place. “Chandila visited the night club very often and Nagar befriended him there,” a source said. Nagar’s friend Vicky, who works as a bouncer with the Agni night club at the Park Hotel in Connaught Place, had also asked him to arrange for a cricketer who could be easily manipulated.

When Chandila visited Jinx again, Nagar requested him to meet Vicky. Soon after, a meeting was organised by Nagar at the Billionaire night club in south Delhi’s Vasant Kunj, where Chandila met Vicky, who was accompanied by two other bookies,” the source said.
Nagar, Vicky and the two bookies later went to Jaipur where they met Chandila again in a shopping mall. The bookies had then asked Chandila who would win the May 12 match, to which Chandila said Knight Riders would romp home.

The bookies agreed to pay him Rs 30 lakh for the prediction. They paid Chandila Rs 2 lakh as advance in Jaipur.

“Kolkata Knight Riders won the match, but the bookies could not make money as they were not sure about Chandila’s prediction as Kolkata Knight Riders lost many wickets early in the session,” the source said.

When Chandila asked for his share, the bookies expressed their failure to pay the remaining Rs 28 lakh. In order to be in good terms with Chandila, the bookies gave Rs 5 lakh to Nagar and Vicky to pay the cricketer. But the bouncer duo pocketed the money.