Jamming for a cause

Jamming for a cause

Jamming for a cause

To mark the importance of the ‘World No Tobacco Day’, ‘Garage Jam’ brought together bands to support the cause with their music, at Sonido Musicals, recently.

While the performance also saw some solo artistes performing, the highlight of the evening were the gigs by the bands ‘Nihilus’ and ‘Thrash’. Despite the rains, the jamming session saw a decent crowd.

‘Nihilus’, a technical death metal band, set the crowd into the mood by performing numbers like ‘Spheres of Madness’ by ‘Decapitated’, ‘Slaves Shall Serve’ by
‘Behemoth’ and original compositions like ‘Choose Your Tyrant’, ‘Without Gray Matter’, ‘Search of Cause’ and ‘Borealis’.

   About the different pieces that they performed, Siddharth Manoharan, the drummer of the band, says, “Our band name comes from annihilation and the concept of ‘destroy, erase and improvise’. And most of our own compositions revolve around parallelism between different situations, religious extremism and violence and other such related issues.”

‘Thrash’, an old school thrash band, performed next with a set of songs that include covers like ‘Demolition Hammers Blow Torch’, ‘Moroheads Ace of Spades’, and original compositions like ‘Thrash Attack’, ‘Warhead’ and ‘Random Act of Aggression’. Sudarshan Mankad, composer with the band, says, “Our band usually performs numbers like fate, social and mental issues and different states of the mind.”
   He adds that the experience of performing at the ‘Garage Jam’ is unique since this is a
spot for free music and a great venue for musicians, old and new.

The audience, as always, was very appreciative about the performances.

   Kiran Kumar, a bass guitarist with another popular band in the City, comments about the experience.

   “This is a great platform and provides great exposure to the musicians that perform here. Underground places like this will surely make a difference to the music scene. The crowd has been growing ever since this concept happened, and it will encourage different artistes from across the City.”

Deepak Kumar, a BCA student, opines that this is a great space for friends and fun. “Even if the band performances are by ‘not so popular’ bands, the fun factor is always there. And this being a free event, people can walk in, enjoy and leave whenever they want to.”

   Talking about the importance of not smoking, Arwen, the organiser of ‘Garage Jam’ says, “When I approached these bands, since they know the harmful effects of smoking, they were more than happy to support the cause by their music.” He sums up, “We always want to use our gigs to spread some social message and this was a perfect chance.”