Hemavathi on the fast road to recovery

Hemavathi on the fast road to recovery

Hemavathi on the fast road to recovery

Hemavathi, who was rescued from confinement at her house in Malleswaram on Tuesday morning, is now cheerful, said doctors at Nimhans.  

While the doctors ruled out neurological problems, the 35-year-old was diagnosed with malnutrition, anaemia, depression and joint problems. “She has started taking food. We are also giving her multi-vitamins so that she becomes physically strong,” said Dr V L Sateesh, Medical Superintendent, Nimhans.

The doctors at Nimhans also conducted a chest x-ray and an ultrasound of the abdomen.
Regular physiotherapy

“We found no other physical problems. All her reports are fine,” Sateesh said. An orthopaedic surgeon was consulted for her joint problems and he has ordered regular physiotherapy sessions.

She was visited by Health Minister U T Khader early Thursday morning and later by Minister for Women and Child Development Umashree. When contacted, Khader said, “Hemavathi is much better than earlier. I found a newspaper nearby and she said that she had read it before I came.

She is also responding to all questions posed to her. Her health is the priority now and the doctors are looking into her leg and hand movements, which she still has difficulty with.” Doctors said that while they had not been able to speak to her parents about the rumours of confinement, they were happy that they were with the girl in the hospital.

Progress in health

“Her father and mother are in the hospital since she was brought here. She was also visited by her mother’s relatives today. She is more communicative than earlier. We are happy with her progress,”said Sateesh.