'Traffic claims are doubtful'

'Traffic claims are doubtful'

Necessity for infrastructure projects have to be assessed

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Sagar said he has asked the BBMP authorities and wrote a letter to the government not to go ahead with the project. “We will not let the project begin at any cost. I was always opposed to this project. But I am now shocked at how the construction work started overnight,” reacted the MLA.

Doubting the claims of the BBMP that there is 11,000 to 12,000 Passenger Car Units (PCUs) at Tagore Circle during morning and evening hours,  Sagar said a traffic survey would be conducted afresh to know the actual PCU figures.

Advisor to government on traffic and transport M N Srihari had already questioned the PCU statistics and challenged if anyone could show him so much of vehicular movement at any point of time at Tagore Circle.
He said that due to the Metro Rail project many people could be taking to the KR Road, which could be for a short period.

Former Mayor Huchchappa had told Deccan Herald on Saturday that the project could have been started after the Metro Rail project came into being.
“The whole idea of the Metro Rail is to ease traffic burden and promote maximum usage of public transport system.

Without keeping in our minds, the status of traffic in view of Metro Rail, we should not allow infrastructure projects, which do not ease traffic burden. We have to assess the necessity first.

What people say...
An underpass at Tagore Park is nothing but a disaster on the residents of Basavanagudi.  This would end an era, where Gandhi Bazaar is a way of life.  The historic Tagore Park would be gone forever and the tree lined Gandhi Bazaar Main Road would end up as a main arterial road connecting other localities, and in the process pushing the shoppers and vendors away.  Two main junctions exist within 300 meters of the underpass and this will only be a waiting underpass for vehicles to cross Netkallappa Circle and National College Circle.   How do people living on one side of KR Road reach other side?  What about the bus stop where thousands of commuters are dependent upon; will they move them closer to one of the above junctions so that traffic gets clogged again.  BBMP  has been disrespectful to public sentiments and convenience.  Even if an underpass is essential here, why hasn’t the magic box not considered, which takes lesser time and costs only a fraction.  Without any co-ordination with BMTC one of the major bus stops has been shifted; pipes have been cut with no intimation to BWSSB.
Arun S Padaki

I think the underpass was totally uncalled for. The fact that they have suspended work and called for discussions shows how unprofessionally these works are taken up.
They have chosen a random place to show-off that the government is concerned about infrastructure, but why choose a serene location. Shashank