Today's letters

Today's letters

Learn from US

Growth and turnaround of USA are very important for the whole world. USA's growth is the starting point and barometer for other countries to follow suit. If America grows and comes out of recession, the situation will be gradually felt in other countries of the world.  The new President of USA needs to be congratulated for initiating a series of reforms and measures which have put back USA on the path to growth and recovery. India should lose no opportunity and quickly initiate such measures as needed, so that the people of India too would benefit from the worst effect of recession and slow down that plagued our country.
K.V. Suryanarayanan
Flat No. 116, A Block
Raheja Enclave
Race Course Road
Coimbatore 641 018

Karnataka govt’s stability important  


We concerned well-wishing NRI's in the USA along with international diaspora of people of origin from Karnataka - wish to express our solidarity with the office of the CM, Shri B S Yeddyurappa,  a capable leader, in this matter.

It is our hope that the businesses and residents in Karnataka quickly realize the serious long term damaging economic impact on the state -by such actions of small special interest groups, and establish a coalition of interested networks, supporting peace and stability. It is vital  to quickly rally support to the CM Yeddyurappa  at this time.

It is a wrong and most inappropriate period  to create or give room to divisionary tactics within a party - what with the greater international image of a progressive state, in the backdrop of massive recent flood damages.

These type of developments would negatively affect the greater population, already recovering from natural calamities across the entire state. CM has make extra-ordinary efforts to ensure relief and quick support to the flood victims.

In addition, any change in leadership, caused for reasons under discussion today, would lead to a long term detriment to the envied economic progress of Karnataka. The beneficiaries can only be special interests and not the greater population. It is essential  to continue to provide sustained support to the flood victims. People of Karnataka deserve better stability.

Further, such action if permitted, would open the doors to other splinter groups -that would subsequently affect national safety issues and image of the country as well. Both state and national leaders would be well advised to think through such issues -and reiterate immediate and solid support to the capable Shri Yeddyurappa and Karnataka government. 

Srikanth Seelin
California USA

Indians’ brain power

Many Presidents of USA understand the rich legacy of India only after they demit office. However, Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama have understood India's brain power and the peace loving nature of Indians. Even Mr. Obama who opposed entry of Indians to high paying jobs has now realised his folly and the embargo has recently been lifted. India is a great nation with brain power and America should utilise the services of Indians effectively, so that alongside India and USA would prosper and thus the problem of unemployment plaguing India would considerably get eased.

K.V. Suryanarayanan
Race Course Road
641 018

One direct bus needed

As a resident of Ramachandrapura (Jalahalli Post), I am requesting BMTC authorities to sanction one BMTC Bus from Ramachandrapura to Peenya 2nd Stage since there are a lot of working people commuting between these two places everyday. In the absence of direct buses from R.C. Pura to Peenya Industrial area, many people have to walk more than a kilometer (up to Gangamma Circle) to catch the bus for Peenya.

Also, it would be nice if one or two BMTC Buses (401 series buses, like 401B, 401R, etc., ) pass through Ramachandrapura and join BEL Circle from Vidyaranyapura, it would be of great help for the people of the area since there are any number of 401 series BMTC Buses run between Vidyaranyapura and other parts of city.

It is hoped that BMTC Authorities will look into our request and do the needful for the people.

H. Suryaranayana

Gangamma Temple Street

Ramachandra Pura, Jalahalli Post

Bangalore 560013

Pak will not heed PM's call

PM Manmohan's call to Pakistan to reciprocate the friendship offered by India in the interest of the people of both nations will not find any positive response from Pakistan. They are in the mood of accusing us for funding Taliban. Taliban is bleeding Pakistan almost everyday and this is not the time for talks with Pak. We must wait and watch how Pak is countering Taliban within Pak as well as their sincerity in stopping Taliban in case of any spill over. It is time for us to keep vigilant on borders as well as strengthen our internal security.

K R Anandagopalan

Vinayaka Layout

Hebbal Kempapura

Bangalore 560 024.


Agassi's confession disappointing

It is quite astonishing and disappointing to note that Andre Agassis has revealed that he used a recreation crystal meth drug in 1997 in his up-coming autobiography.   He is reported to have lied to the tennis authorities when he failed in the dope test.   How he was cleared by the APT of his lie that he accidentally drank from a soda spiked with the recreational drug.    Why he was not subjected to proper medical examination?   Why he was shown that leniency? 

His performance in  1997 dwindled.   He ranked 147th position then.   He subsequently finished world No. 1 in 1999.   This raises doubt whether he continued to use the recreation drug for a long time.   This needs to be probed.   He should also be stripped off the No.1 US open title of 1999.   Also those found guilty in showing him leniency should be taken to task.

Sravana Ramachandran,


A great umpire

David Shepherd was a great criket umpire. His death is a great loss to the entire cricket world.  He was loved, respected and admired for his accurate and faultless decisions.  He was also a superstitious man. He used to stand on one leg when a team scored 111 runs which he considered unlucky.  He will be remembered for a long time by the cricket world.

N. R. Ramachandran,
Bombay Castle,


No accountability

BBMP constructing the underpass at Tagore circle near Gandhibazar despite local citizens opposition raises many eyebrows. After the previous commissioner wholeheartedly promoted the "Magic box" technology to construct underpasses, now BBMP seems to have discarded it in favour of the older, much more expensive method. Can BBMP  explain why they are favouring an older approach costing Rs 19 crores in an "estimated" time of two years in favour of the "Magic Box" using which an underpass can be constructed within a month and costing just around Rs 1 to 3 crores! Is there no accountability left within the BBMP?

Shariff M.A


Contradictions galore

I am 63 and I did not know that Narakasura was a sudra. Thanks to people like K.I. who keep reminding the society about the necessity to feel bad, pessimistic and refuse to accept any good.(KeeLarime). Why cannot he take Deepavali as a festival of light celebrating the victory of light enhancing our knowledge (Tamasomaa jyothirgamaya) over ignorance? This is enough justification for White House (or should it be Black house?) to celebrate Deepavali as a festval of India.

We are a multi religious society not irreligious. Hence we celebrate many fesivals cutting across the religious divide. Deepavali was one such. Who knows a time may come when a festival of the choice of K.I may be celebrated in all houses(White, Black, etc) in time to come. Would K.I. be happy if Vijayadashami is described as a national festival, just because Ravana, who was a brahmin, was killed? Then again Rama, alas, was not a Sudra! Or would K.I approve deepavali celebration simply if the priest is a Dalit. Contradictions galore.

Why does K.I think only Independence day to be a National festival? Pessimistically, one may argue, that Independence has not brought the intended cheers to many, including dalits. There is no end to such controversies if one is bent only to pick holes in anything and everything.

Finally, after reading many of K.I's articles over the years, I am not sure what is he trying to propagate? Hate ad-nauseum? May his cult,then, diminish.

Manasa Blossoms, 2877, 6th cross, V.V.Mohalla,
, 570 002


Demolition by BBMP and Connivance of officials going hand in hand

The Task Force of the BBMP has been doing a commendable job, in vacating the illegal structures, which have encroached the State property. This has given partial relief to the people. The question asked is, did all the illegalities take place without the connivance of the officials concerned? Have not these officials, failed in their duties to safe guard the BBMP properties, which is their primary duty? Have not these officials allowed illegalities for a price, thus denying the BBMP its legitimate due? Are not the officials, even now, allowing all kinds of encroachments and violations of building laws and amassing wealth? If the demolition continues side by side with encroachments in connivance with the officials, where is the end? Should not the BBMP Commissioner use the whip and get the officials go by the book and bring back the beauty to Bangalore? -

Mrs. Vani Iyengar,
Bangalore 91

Occupied  Iraq

It is strange that Iraq witnessed large number of deaths on October 25 due to security lapses.  

If none of the check-points succeeded in detecting the tonne or more of explosives being carried to the vicinity of Justice Ministry and several provincial council buildings, the collusion of security staff cannot be ruled.   The continued occupation of Iraq by the US military has made the remedy worse than the disease.   

After having miserably failed to find the weapons of mass destruction the US military should have made a dignified exit from the Iraqi soil.    

The US should pull-out the military before inflicting some more damages.

K.V. S eetharamaiah

Venkata-Bindu Nilaya,


Lesson not learnt

In spite of its poor show in Lok Sabha and recent loss of face in three states the BJP in Karnataka  has not yet learnt lesson. The people of Karnataka not only gave them simple majority to rule independently .but also gave 2 more seats  in the recent  by elections to assembly from Kollegal and Chittapur where there it had no presence.It is unfortunate  its leaders are now  fighting for power by conducting meetings in star hotels and resorts  when the entire  North Karnataka is in turmoil due to  floods .This is  their gratitude to the electorate

What has our state cabinet learnt from recent training camp held at Suttur Mutt ?

One does not understand why Matadipathi's who are the symbols of renunciation are encouraging our Political leaders to meet them in this crisis.  

N. Mukund
- 560 041

SBI's unseemly Ads

For the last two months we have been seeing that State Bank of India has been advertising with pomp and pride in the front pages of almost all national newspapers that the Bank had served "THIS INDIAN" and has been displaying in their advertisement our great leaders like Tagore, Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, late President Rajendra Prasad and lastly late Motilal Nehru! I am afraid that the Bank would not spare many other Nationalist Leaders like Lokamanya Tilak, Lala Lajpat Rai, C. R. Das, Netaji, Dr. Radhakrishnan, Lal Bahadur Sastry, Sir C. V. Raman and so on, though the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950 prohibits advertising the names and photos of Pt. Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Presidents in commercial advertisements!

It is unimaginable that State Bank of India (established in 1955) or its erstwhile entities like Imperial Bank or Bank of Bengal, had really had the accounts of these leaders. Prima facie, these advertisements issued by the State Bank cannot but be false unless State Bank has records to prove that these leaders had maintained at least a Savings Bank account with them. I recall with pride a news item appeared some years ago that Punjab National Bank (or some other nationalized Bank?) had still maintained an account with a small balance of our late President Rajendra Prasad without closing it.

I wish that your esteemed Newspaper publish this letter to open the eyes of the State Bank's authorities to justify their advertisement.

Prof. B M Baliga
K S Layout -II stage
Bangalore- 560 078

Bijapur Express service

1. In recent news, I have got know that train number 6535A - Bijapur express (Yeshwanthpura to Bijapur) would be stopped from the service on Oct 09 end. This is the only train that is regular and connects to North east part of the Karnataka. Removal of this train would badly affect many of the people in that region. This train is always full and many times I have seen people cancelling their tickets due to wait list. When a train is in profit and serving many people, why should that be removed from the service. Instead of cancelling this train I would earnestly request you introduce few more night and day trains from Bangalore to Bijapur via Gadag.

2. Samparkranthi Express from Bangalore to Nizamuddin two days in a week goes via Hubli. Can one day in the week, divert this train via Gadag, Bijapur, Solapur and then to its normal route destined to Nizamuddin.

Balakrishna Gudi

Watch out Reddys

For Chief Minister Yeddyurapa the rebellion from Reddys could not have come at a worse time when  his attention is focused on bringing solace and help to the people of  north Karnataka which  is reeling under  the devastation caused  by the unprecedented flood of the century(Ugly fight-30/10/09) It must be realised that both are suffering from King size ego and it is not certain who will blink Whatever the provocation for Reddys to queer the pitch they must realise that their first priority should be to strenthen the party's unity and not indulge in such acts that may eventually tell on the fortunes of the BJP party which has wrested power from the Congress for the first time in Karnataka's political history.

More over  teh affairs of the party is none too good and with recent drubing sufferd in state elections in three states  the paramount interest is to put its house in order. However, Reddys choosing thsi time whatever justification they have will not be seen in favourable light. The upshot is either the party will break up or give way for the Congress and JD(S) waiting in the wings to come centre stage and  the blame for this will entirely fall on Reddys unless they yield to patch up.

H R Bapu Satyanarayana
Mysore 570009.

Right direction

It is good to see that centre has come out with a action plan to act tough on naxalities,by way of "Operation Green Front" is a step in the right direction,as para military forces and police compromise a team  to counter the threat of Naxalities.Before embarking on any action plan their is a need to understand the ground realities of the tribes and under no circumstances,development and rehabilitation work should  suffer so that Naxalites can be crushed,and do not receive undue importance from tribes and local chiefs.

Inamdar Ramachandra

Purpose defeated

It is the bounden duty of the officers attached to the state run Govt. homes/private child care centres and that of the dept. of women and child welfare under the relevant provisions of JJAct to see that the rescued children are looked well till they attain the age majority.

But seldom the rescued children are looked after well and are being subjected to torture by  the State run centres.

This is not in tune with the purpose for which such care centres are set up and disciplinary action should be initiated on the head of those centres for the deriliction of their duties of looking after the welfare of the unfortunate kids,and further the heads of the centres should try to locate the relatives/parents of these children in the first instance for the purpose of sending them home or in the absence of locating their parents should retain them in the centres till they attain the age of majority.

Therefore the authorities should instruct the state run and private children care centres in accordance with the provisions of the JJ Act,as they are accountable for any lapse in discharging their duties.
B S Raghavendra Rao
Sterling Terraces
BSK 3rd.Stage

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