Bless the stress out

Bless the stress out

Bless the stress out

Are you aware that blessing yourself daily heals you, keeps you in the game long after others have quit? For a blessing is a big-hearted enabler transforming wishes into glowing visions.

So, whenever you feel negative pressures build up, stop all thought…wait… Tell yourself quietly, “Let three days pass, don’t get stressed now.” Then continue mindfully, “I bless this moment because it is  helping me develop the habit of blessing.” In three days, your perspective will be different.

Blessings make life digestible and literally pull up an ailing, failing digestive system. When we find life disagreeable, annoying, our body tenses, our colon clenches. When it hurts and the pain intensifies, it is diagnosed as a spastic colon.

There’s no medicine for it, save to bless the stress out of our system with such soothing thoughts, digestion-friendly foods, rejuvenating exercises, easing relaxation practices: 


Be liberally positive and patient. “What I want is moving towards me. It will arrive punctually according to the Universe’s timetable, not mine. Everything that’s happening is a blessing. What’s coming towards me is even greater than I’d envisaged. I bless myself, I bless everything. I know whatever happens will be for my good.” As goes a Chinese proverb: “When you keep a green bough in your heart, the singing bird will come.”


*Avoid fats—they cause colonic contractions. Reduce acidic foods like oranges, lemons, tomatoes.

* Soak pulses overnight to remove their gas-content.
* Never eat raw cabbage and onion. Dry-roast them.
* Increase fibre-intake with oats, green grapes, carrots, okra.
* Drink water, skimmed milk, buttermilk.
* Eat small frequent meals instead of a large one. 


Walk, jog, cycle or swim daily. “Good body tone, good colon tone,” say gastroenterologists. Good mental tone too.


*Play pleasing instrumental music—its elegantly composed vibrations calm chaotic body-mind energies and loosen every tense and tight spot in the body.

* Visualize. It’s a great way to dissolve abdominal pain. Eyes closed, imagine yourself atop the snow-peaked, silence-clad Mount Everest. Breathe the invigorating, frosty air.

Feel the fresh coolness slowly fill your body from top to toe. Now, see each white mountain range turn transparently golden in a rippling effect as if revealing a sacred secret. Allow its pure beauty to enter and heal every part of your body with soft sublime fingers… On the mountain-top, vow to give up thinking negatively, vow to be positive in all your relationships.

Be like the sage who lived in a cave and radiated robust health and peaceful happiness. He told the curious seeker gently, “Look through this hole in the wall and you will glimpse my happiness.”

The seeker looked and exclaimed disappointedly, “All I see are some branches and bit of sky!”

The sage nodded smilingly, “Exactly! That’s my little bit of heaven!”

From our own little heavens, from our own little blessings can we create a whole new world pulsating with well-being…