No takers for Palike's SWD projects

No takers for Palike's SWD projects

No takers for Palike's SWD projects

Poor response from contractors to the tenders is preventing the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) from executing a few crucial stormwater drain (SWD) projects.

Chief Engineer (SWD) H C Ananthaswamy attributed the poor response to the nature of the work. “It is generally difficult and a lot of contractors keep away from such projects,” he told Deccan Herald.

A case in point is a damaged retaining wall on Ittamadu main road.

Residents, especially schoolchildren who take the narrow stretch here, face problems. “There were many instances of the drain overflowing. Sometimes the water/sewage level is higher than the existing wall, which is dangerous,” said J Shekar, a resident.
Besides, residents complain that there is an immediate need to increase the height of the wall.

Stating that the Palike has called for tenders again, given the lack of interest the first time, Ananthaswamy said: “We have identified the problem and are working towards solving it. But all procedures have to be followed.”

However, the Palike has not been able to attract contractors for the repair of the stretch a few metre off the main road, where several houses have encroached the drain.
“People just do not understand. They have encroached on such a large portion of the drain that there is clogging, which will soon result in overflowing,” a representative of the contractor, who was demolishing the houses, said.

The Palike will also construct huge walls to prevent encroachment in the future. But, the representative said, it would be of no use.

“We have done this in the past in other areas, people just break it and build houses,” the representative said.