Classical notes and contemporary beats

Classical notes and contemporary beats

Fusion Delight

Classical notes and contemporary beats

Veteran saxophone player Kadri Gopalnath recently performed as part of the World Music Fest, which will be celebrated in Orion Mall till June 28. During the performance, the artiste blended his soulful tunes with western acoustic instruments that held the audience spellbound.

The mall was reverberating with the beat of his music and people across all age groups gathered to watch the maestro and his team perform. The artistes who accompanied him included CV Chandrashekhar on the violin, Praveen on the mridangam, Rajendra Nakod on the tabla, Karthik Mani on the drum pads and Rajashekhar on the morsing.

The fusion of this eclectic motley of instruments made the concert a memorable one for each member of the audience. It was not just the elderly music lovers who attended the concert; youngsters came in large numbers to show their support for music as well, and were seen enjoying the show. It was interesting to see that even teenagers kept time with the beats and clapped after the conclusion of an exciting jugalbandi.

The concert started with a composition in raga tilang set to adi tala. However, the team innovated and presented the composition in their own style. It had a unique punch and the spontaneous jugalbandis in between the composition made it a delight for the audience. Karthik, who was on the drum pads, was the youngest member of the team and did a great job in accompanying the maestros.

Beth, a tourist from the UK, was mesmerised. “It was a great surprise. I had never thought that I would witness such great music in a mall. It was out of the blue. I loved every second of what I heard and am sure everyone present here would have loved it as well. This is the first time I am listening to Indian classical music and I will definitely recommend it to everyone back home. The artistes were spontaneous and extremely talented,” she says.

Anand V, who also attended the concert, was thrilled to see Kadri Gopalnath playing. “Listening to a stalwart like him is an honour. I really liked the fusion that was presented. The drum pads made the performance sound very contemporary and upbeat,” he notes.

The fact that it was a free concert delighted the audience. Visitors at the mall could be seen taking some time out from shopping and lending their ears to help the cause of music.