Puzzled by the unpredictable weather

Puzzled by the unpredictable weather

Strong Winds

Puzzled by the unpredictable weather

Since the last few weeks, the City has been facing heavy rains along with strong winds. The meteorological department has recorded a wind speed of 40 km per hour inside the City and about 60 km per hour on the outskirts.

The rains and strong winds have led to several problems. Not only are loose branches falling and old trees getting uprooted, but some areas are also facing the problem of hanging  live wires. Many old-timers in the City are also pretty surprised as they have not experienced such strong winds in Bangalore in the recent past.

Officials in the meteorological department say that the City can expect this sort of weather for a few more days. B Puttanna, director, meteorological department, Bangalore, says that this wind is only natural as the monsoon is arriving.
“Though the wind speed at runway level at the BIA is close to 60 kmph, high-rise buildings and tall trees have brought it down to 40 kmph within the City limits,” he explains.

Many say that while umbrellas and hats are of no use when there is wind, smart overcoats or hooded jackets have helped. Arundhati, a professional, says, “I have never seen this kind of weather in the City. But now, I ensure that I always protect myself and never leave the house without a jacket and muffler.” Payal, a student, adds, “While I have seen heavy and unpredictable rains in the City, I have never experienced wind like this here. At this time, dressing warm is very important. Sometimes, it’s really hot during the day but chilly in the evening. On such days, I ensure that I carry a jacket in my bag.”

Along with the strong winds, the dust levels are also on the rise. Dr Anand Rao, a general physician, says, “Two-wheeler riders are more vulnerable to dust and grit, which directly interferes with visibility, making driving unsafe. Wearing a full-face helmet with a visor is a must to avoid dust allergy.” Avinash, a student, who travels by bike to college everyday, says that he wears a helmet and riding glasses to protect himself from the dust. “I also watch out for trees as you never know when a tree or a branch may fall,” he adds.

Because of the volatile weather, there is also a rise in infections and many doctors say that if proper precautions are not taken, the strong winds can lead to air-borne diseases. Dr Satish, an ENT specialist, says, “Strong winds may cause infections, respiratory problems and trigger allergic reactions. As a preventive measure, one should always keep cotton in the ears while stepping outside the house to avoid any kind of respiratory infection.”

He goes on to add that there has been an increase in the number of patients complaining of cold, cough and fever. “The weather is very volatile. The humidity is also increasing and so, I always advise my patients to avoid outside food and anything cold during this time. The body is still adjusting to the weather outside,” he adds.