Eating out of a rosy dream

Eating out of a rosy dream


Eating out of a rosy dream

Don’t laugh but this place is actually called the Pink Room. And it is certainly not the reason why team Metrolife decided to visit it! The rave reviews of its food, since it opened its doors, compelled one to negotiate the bustling Hauz Khas Village bylanes once again.

In any case, the place stood true to its name and one didn’t miss wearing rosy glasses since everything inside the restaurant is... obviously pink! From the ceiling to the walls to even the colour of chairs, sofa and upholstery, it is simply Pink.

The food, the main part, fortunately is served in original colours and showed its true colours too. To be precise, most of it was disappointing. Perhaps it was the high-expectations that played the dampener eventually.

We thought of stirring up spirits with a cold drink to bust the afternoon heat and ordered for Kiwi Margarita and Fruity Dreams from the Mocktail section, Chocolate Fudge and Walnut from Shakes and a Mabana Smoothie. The names are interesting but the drinks failed to match up. While Kiwi Margarita was the top scorer, Fruity Dreams could be placed at second position. The sharp taste of kiwi in a mount of crushed ice made one recollect a chuski that is relished till the end!

The Fruity Dreams defied being pinned down with its fine blend of fruits and ice-cream in sprite but not for those who don’t enjoy the sweet taste. However, it was much better than the shake and smoothie since the former was deprived of sufficient chocolate while the latter was a banana shake - plain and simple. Do not dare to try the Pink Shadow as the bartender is too generous when it comes to squeezing a lemon in it!

An array of starters was ordered - and one is sorry to say, they were not at all appetising! In brief, the Prawn Tempura was succulent but had very less salt; Pink Room Special Lemon Chicken and Angry Chicken Yakitori required a lot of chewing; Thai Lettuce Wraps and Bob Marley Bruchettas were bland and Po-pia-thot (a spring roll) was well-cooked but had a strange smell!

Adding to the list was the Hawana Club Salad which was just about average with an unimpressive dressing and the Sailors Favourite Fish Oyster Chilly tasted like regular Chinese fare available at road-side stalls.

However, the main course pleasantly surprised. The regular Penne Arabiata was the first respite for our tastebuds. With the red sauce prepared well and an oregano seasoning adding to the perfectly boiled pasta, the dish saved the sinking hopes, well in time. The spicy and crisp Piri Piri Chicken with an Italian twist supported the pasta and revived the appetite.

While the gravy of Cantonese Fish foiled the gluttony, it was Native Thai Yellow Curry that failed to make a mark. The lamb dish – Tajine with Cous Cous was not served in tajine, making one reluctant to try a disaster yet again. But the dish was a surprise with the aroma of well-cooked, tender and succulent lamb pieces dipped in a stew that only added to the flavours of the dish.

But the star dish was the served in the end. Grilled Jalapeno and Cottage Cheese Steak with Tomato Pesto Sauce had not just an impressive name but a delectable taste too! The tender pieces of cottage cheese were stuffed and steaked and topped with a perfectly cooked Tomato Pesto that made even non-vegetarian connoisseurs salivate over the dish.

All this hardly left any space in the stomach for the Dark Rum Chocolate Delight Mousse and Classic Banofee Pie. Nevertheless, when tried, the wholesome desserts were applauded for the artistry that went into preparing them.