Daryaganj goes global in taste!

Daryaganj goes global in taste!

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Daryaganj goes global in taste!

More than the narrow yet busy streets or extensive markets, old Delhi is known for its mouth watering delicacies. Even the smallest of food joints attracts hundreds of people always eager to devour a plateful.

Daryaganj is one such part of old Delhi, offering typical Indian food items, tempting enough to make you stop and grab a quick bite. Known primarily for its Mughlai cuisine, the locality has undergone rapid Westernisation, with food chains like McDonalds, Dominoes and Burger Girl setting up swanky outlets in an otherwise traditional market. While Café Coffee Day was established here long back, these new ones are an additional bonus.

Although the transformation is sudden and totally unexpected, the residents are rather happy. Food lovers in the area are rejoicing the new development, excited to try all the new varieties on offer. “This is definitely a welcome change. Earlier such shops were far off but now we can go near-by and try the new variety whenever we want,” exclaims Uroosa, a teacher residing in Daryaganj.

But has the new expansion gone down well with the traditional food stalls, considering the evident competition? Ask them this and you would be surprised to know that they are not complaining either. “We do not face any competition as our food items are totally different. Those who have a taste for Indian food and are habitual of the old Delhi taste still prefer that over the new stuff,” says a proud shop owner selling chole-bhature just next to Burger Girl. “Choice of food depends on the people and it is not necessary that people will now only prefer the new items,” agrees Ursoo.

There is an satisfaction in the locality as far as food is concerned as people coming out of the new joints seem rather content. But there are some who have health concerns and hence are a little sceptical. “The modernisation is good and the food is tasty as well, but since it is all junk it can be potentially harmful, especially for kids who always insist on eating such unhealthy stuff,” says Arfa, a local resident, pursuing her MA in Education Planning and Administration from Jamia Milia Islamia. Parents often give-in to the demands of their kids who can be seen enjoying a burger or a pizza at the
new joints, an expression of divine pleasure palpable on their faces.

The new food hubs stand to gain on many points. Apart from their brand appeal and the attractive layout, the fact that they are air-conditioned and offer a comfortable eating atmosphere is nothing less than a luxury for residents of an otherwise modestly designed locality. A lady selling faluda and lassi in a small setup adds, “Although we have made all efforts to offer a comfortable eating environment to customers, these new joints do have a feel good factor that attracts people.

AC is another big criterion during this scorching heat.” While any new change always draws mix responses, this new set up can also be viewed in a larger perspective of Western players tapping the yet unexplored taste buds of old Delhi streets, fully realizing the love for food in this part of the Capital.