'Tum Mile' turns Soha into a hydrophobic

'Tum Mile' turns Soha into a hydrophobic

'Tum Mile' turns Soha into a hydrophobic

The actress calls the whole shooting experience a "nightmare" and is happy that the film is finally over.

"Shooting for the film was pretty much a nightmare. I don't think I will able to do this kind of film again. I am glad that it is over. It was physically very demanding, very tiring hard work and I have become quite phobic to water since the film," she said.

Soha plays the romantic lead opposite Emraan Hashmi in the film which will hit theatres on November 13. The film has been directed by Kunal Deshmukh of 'Jannat' fame.
The actress was initially apprehensive to work opposite Hashmi, known for his 'serial kisser' image, but contrary to his image, Hashmi was a "pleasure to work with".

"I was apprehensive because it is such a romantic story and working with someone with whom the chemistry exists and somebody who does not show tantrums is important," she says.

"But I realised that we both are similar people, somewhat impatient but professionals. We complain a little bit but we always make sure that the shot is done, and we like to work long hours and learn our lines and are really committed to the job," she adds.

Set in Cape Town and Mumbai, the film follows the story of a former couple, who are thrown together to face the disaster of floods. The love story is told in flashbacks.

"A lot has been set in Cape Town, the story keeps cutting to the past but the scenes shot in the flood are not romantic. It is about two people, who used to be in a relationship and are forced to be in a situation at a particular time," the actress says.
Soha, who is known for her off-beat roles in movies like 'Antar Mahal', 'Ahista Ahista', 'Khoya Khoya Chand' and 'Mumbai Meri Jaan', says she agreed to do the film because it offered a something that she had never tried before.

The actress has also directed one of the songs in the end credit along with Hashmi but says she has no plans to take up direction anytime soon.
The song is called 'Tum Mile Slow' version and the music is by Pritam. It features Emraan (Emi) & Soha only in the lead.

"The song comes in the end credit. Kunal wanted a home video feel to it so he handed us the camera and left us. It is really nothing. You can't even say that I am a director. It is a miracle that we got something out of it," she says.

The actress, who started her showbiz journey with multi-starrer 'Yeh Dil Mange More', has carved herself a niche with films like 'Rang De Basanti', '99' and 'Khoya Khoya Chand'.
She will next be seen in Sudhir Mishra's 'Tera Kya Hoga Johnny', 'Accident' and 'Life Goes On', where she shares screen with her mother, Sharmila Tagore, for the first time.