The poetry page: Nov 6

The poetry page: Nov 6

Fear in school? Just be COOL!

The fear,
We have that fear of examinations
When it is there it is full
Of tension

The exam is truly fear, and
When it goes away, we feel that
We are in heaven

That’s because of our teachers
And our school
Our school is fine it is the place
Where all of us shine

The teachers of our school are cool
Where we all feel that we are swimming in a pool
I give a call to all
To be very cool.

R Pavan Kumar,
VIII ‘B’ Sri Kumaran’s School,
R M Nagar.

Pure air is very RARE!

Air  pollution, Smoke and gases everywhere,
Pure air is very rare.
Factories, vehicles,  emit chlorofluorocarbons,
Release pollutants and smog,
Cause asthma, lung cancer, sneezing,
Eye irritations, allergies and wheezing.
Factories and vehicles release smoke,
Which cause our lungs to choke.
Greenhouse effect and global warming,
Destroys wildlife, soil and farming.
Refineries release particles of soot,
Which is air pollution’s main root.
These remain suspended in the air,
We breathe this without any care.
Gases released from buses and trains,
Are the main cause of acid rain.
Don’t breathe polluted air,
It may damage your lungs beyond repair.
In a smoky area, please-
Try to remember this:
Cover your nose with a kerchief,
Believe me, you’ll get some relief.

Nimitha, S Prabhu,
IX ‘B’ K.V. BEML Nagar, K.G.F.