The art of flower arrangement

The art of flower arrangement

Ikebana demonstration

Shyamala Ganesh

It has been 20 years since The Bangalore Chapter of the Ohara School of Ikebana (BCOSI), brought in this art and has introduced the same to many people in the City, who have made it a part of their lifestyle. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, BCOSI has organised a three-day Ikebana exhibition-cum-demonstration. “Through this celebration of ours, we want to reach to as many people as we can and introduce them to the world of Ikebana,” says Shyamala Ganesh, the President of BCOSI.

Ikebana is a traditional art of Japanese flower arrangement and it takes years together to master the art. In fact, Shyamala herself started learning this art form in the year 1989 when she visited Japan.

“Like all traditional art forms, this too gives its artist a creative satisfaction,” she explains while adding, “what’s really unique about this art is that it is not predictable and the arrangement can be worked in a lot of shapes and sizes which bring out the beauty of the flower.”

The three-day exhibition will feature an Ikebana demonstration and a workshop by Nalini Doongursee, the president of the Mumbai Chapter of the School.

Calling it a really good opportunity for novices to learn Ikebana, Shyamala explains that the workshop will be held in two sessions where the participants will learn two to three arrangements and even get a certificate which is sourced directly from Japan. “For every level, there is a different type of certificate and it will help in learning the art further,” she adds. It does not stop here, after the exhibition, those interested in further learning can also enroll in the school’s regular workshops and classes. The exhibition-cum-workshop will be held between November 13 and 15 at Hotel Fortune Select Trinity, Whitefield. Those interested in the workshop will have to register in advance and can contact the school at 42048232 or 41235399.