Give your floor a facelift

Give your floor a facelift

HOME makeovers

From clay floors to marble to vitrified to designer tiles. We’ve surfaced a long way laying our floors creatively. For those who dare to try out something new, here are some cool inspirations, writes Swati Kapur

No matter what kind of tiles you use, inlays is a great way to add interest to plain vanilla floors. Create borders and patterns either in the centre or spread across strategically. You can either use the same material or something different from the existing flooring material to add colour, texture or simply to highlight.

These days wood finish tiles are available and can create a warm effect if inlayed with beige ceramic tiles. Never ever underestimate this cheap and easy option. Look for warm and colourful rugs and carpets that can instantly add a distinct attitude to any room. The good thing is you can keep on changing it with season or moods. Go for contrasts or abstract patterned or intricate Persian ones.
Dual shade

One of the creative, inexpensive ideas is to get a dual toned look with two sets of tiles used for creating attractive surface. Use tiles of same type and dimensions and lay them in a basket-weave layout style to create a nice dual tone effect. Get two sets of tiles — one in a dark, and one in a light shade. Make sure you include a light and dark shade of the same colour for the perfect dual toned look. This is also a good plywood flooring idea where two shades of planks can be used alternately for creating dual toned floors.

Glory of glass

It’s no more the tumbler we drink in. It has long added value, design and aesthetics to our interiors now. Use glass tiles or glass effect tiles to highlight borders or to create a focus area on a floor. All you need to do is find the right combination of base tiles and get a set of glass tiles to jazz it up with. Of course go for toughened ones for durability. Then there is also the option of going for the ‘reso floor’ — a super-resistant high-gloss surface somewhat like a wall decal for the floors. It’s made of compressed fibre board, is resistant to friction, scrubbing and scratching and come in eye-catching, graphic and contemporary designs. They look best in spaces like bar areas and lounges.

World's hardest floors

Bamboo floors definitely talk of strength and durability. But more than that, they make for a warm inviting organic surface. Bamboo undergoes a manufacturing process that gives the fossilised strand twice the density of any other hardwood floor, making it durable and lifelong. It can be installed over any sub-floor and trust us on this one – it won’t give you a hard time. Look out for hand-scraped, distressed and antique designs in bamboo flooring.

Surface drawing

Not happy with your laid tiles or type of flooring. Not to worry. Here’s a solution: cover the floor with a thin film of white plastic and start sketching, doodling, drawing your heart out. A fat black permanent marker is all you need. Include nature, historical monuments, space, children playing in the park, streets, cafes just about anything you like to later admire on your floor. If you’re not too confident, get an artist to do this job for you. You can also add some warmth to your old dull and white concrete flooring. Intricate stenciled ‘mosaics’, florals and other designs can be applied to concrete to give it a look that’s practically unrecognisable. This kind of surface can work best to fire imaginations at cafes, study areas, children’s spaces or even lounges.

Cushion up

Transform your hard empty floor to a soft cushiony inviting surface. Look out for zipped soft cushions that can be latched to each other to form seating arrangements. You can also make your own hooks for attaching the cushions to each other. As per your need, adjust the configuration and lean it up against the wall as a sort of sofa, or use it as a modular mattress.

Floor stickers

They may not be super soft, but won’t let you slip. And certainly make a statement. Use them as stylish alternative to rugs or on floors and even walls and windows. The installation is easy and can be changed as and when required. Look for interesting options like those with a wood or ceramic-like appearance. 

Solving puzzles

A perfect project for kids and an object of art to have! Get some puzzle rugs and throw them around in a hall or open space for kids to have fun with. Once done, it will make for an amazing zig zag picture. Available in natural and synthetic rubber these DIY rugs can keep guests entertained too. You may also like to go for solid hardwood puzzle floors.

Techie’s delight

Lay an interactive surface of flooring that holds a glowing print of your foot for a  minute after you’ve crossed it. The prints fade as the pressure displaces and the fluid inside retains shape. Also available are digital images as flooring options. So get your favourite pictures or art works done into your flooring, and you have loads to show off about!
Japan has some intelligent carpets that can determine the age, sex and weight of anyone who walks across them. The designers claim that it can distinguish between people in their 20s and 60s with 100 per cent accuracy, analysing data collected to determine foot size, stride, walking speed, weight and center of gravity. The carpet is said to have the aim of making “business decision-making far more efficient”, well well! Another cool choice is to get giant wedges of wool and polyurethane foam turn into ‘lean against’ structures that extend into the carpet area too. It’s fun to have for kids’ rooms.


This is one tile that can render an instant soft look to any surface - beige and white creme tones especially. Ceramic tile is fired clay so durable and easy to maintain. Opt for the different kind of textures that it offers. Glazed ones have a hard surface that is applied during the firing process. And unglazed ones have a matte finish and are porous so they need to be sealed to prevent staining like the terra cotta and natural quarry tiles. Also look out for the smooth and rippled effect tiles.

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