Narco analysis provides crucial lead in Rector murder case

Narco analysis of three suspects in the sensational murder case of Rector K J Thomas of the St Peter’s Pontifical Seminary, has provided crucial leads into the investigation. Even after an elaborate investigation, the police were unable to crack the case.

Of the 18 men who were on the premises of the seminary on the night of the murder, of particular interest were three men – Father Patrick Xavier, the procurator of the seminary who was sleeping next door and claimed to have heard or seen nothing, two cooks Raja and Reddy.

The City police had subjected the three to polygraph and brain mapping tests. The police had a protracted legal battle in the court as Father Patrick Xavier's brother had filed a petition objecting to the narco analysis examination, while Xavier had given his written consent to it. The court gave consent for narco analysis recently. The three – Father Patrick Xavier, Raja and Reddy, brothers who worked as cooks at the seminary, were subjected to narco analysis examination two days ago at Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Ahmedabad. The three returned to the City late Sunday night.

A senior police official handling the case told Deccan Herald that the narco analysis examination had proved useful in the probe. He said that of the three subjected to narco analysis, two repeated their earlier statements even in the narco analysis. However, the third person, whose identity the police are withholding, has drastically changed his statement. The new information is expected to plug the loopholes in the reconstruction of the entire episode at the seminary that night. The officer said that it was not confirmed whether the person was directly involved in the murder or not.

The officer said they were yet to receive the report from the laboratory and they would proceed with the investigation after they receive it and the video recording of the narco analysis examination of the three suspects.

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