Modi spends huge money on image building: CPM

The Communist Part of India-Marxist (CPM) on Monday launched an anti-Modi campaign. As the first part it, the party released a booklet which alleges that the new mascot of the BJP is building his image through a calculated public-relations (PR) exercise and spending huge money on it.

The CPM has alleged that a PR firm called APCO Worldwide has been specially hired for a reported fee of $25,000 dollars a month to project Modi as the one-point solution to all social ills and political maladies afflicting India. The CPM has alleged that the PR firm hired by Modi was known to play “dirty tricks” when it was exposed as having set up front organisations to support the American tobacco lobby to rubbish evidence that tobacco causes cancer.

The bookle alleges that orchestrated media shows and Twitter campaigns, mobilised crowds and spokespersons heralding of Modi as a saviour, are all part of the PR exercise.

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