Man arrested for stealing iPads from Pitt-Jolie's car

Man arrested for stealing iPads from Pitt-Jolie's car

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's car was broken into while it was part at a paintball park.

Giovanni D'Egidio, co-owner of Hollywood Sports Paintball Park, said that the couple's son Maddox arrived at the park with some friends and a bodyguard a little after noon on July 20. A suspicious white Toyota truck pulled 30 minutes after they arrived, reported E! News.

"Our security guys noticed and kept an eye on the vehicle," after the suspect parked his truck parallel and blocked Brangelina's SUV.

"It was kind of strange. It was like he knew what car to hit and what he wanted. The truck was moving very slow. He then got into the SUV and started heisting stuff.

D'Egidio said that the Los Angeles Sherriff's department was called soon and after searching the suspect's vehicle, they recovered two iPads and a cell phone.

"We located the bodyguard and alerted him that we had a situation. The bodyguard recognized the items that were recovered. The suspect was arrested and his truck was then towed," he said.

A spokesperson for the Bellflower Sherriff's Department confirmed that they had arrested a Hispanic male, named Lorenzo Castro, for stealing two iPads and a cellphone from a black SUV that was parked at the paintball park.

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