Ranganathittu partially inundated

Following the release of 50,000 cusecs of water from Krishnarajasagar reservoir, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, downstream of the reservoir was partially inundated on Friday.

Several islands at the sanctuary, including the artificial islands developed by the Forest department are also underwater. Water has partially flooded the ticket counter for boating, near the view point at Ranganathittu.

Birds such as White Ibis, Cormorant, Snake Bird, Night Heron and Purple Heron have sought refuge on tree tops to escape the rising water levels.

Marsh crocodiles, numbering more than 50 have also moved to elevated regions of the sanctuary.

Since, the breeding seasons of birds are over, the number of birds at the sanctuary is less. Though Ibis and Herons have sought refuge at tree tops, Cormorants have flown away to regions of higher elevation.

Deputy Range Forest Officer of the sanctuary, Lakshmeesh said that if more than one lakh cusecs of water is released from the reservoir, then the birds at the tree tops might face some problems.

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