Garbage segregation unit opposed

Garbage segregation unit opposed

Garbage segregation unit opposed

Residents of Samruddhi Layout are up in arms against a proposed garbage segregation unit on a park site close to Gowdanapalya Lake in Padmanabhanagar ward.

While the lake is in a pathetic condition, the park and the adjacent forest land on the tank bund are also in a shambles. Residents who have been fighting to protect the lake, forest and the park land said they now have to struggle to keep the area clean from the stench emanating from the proposed garbage segregation unit in their neighbourhood.

Shivaram of Samruddhi Layout, alleged that the Palike was not bothered about the residents and their problems. He said the Palike did not consult the residents before coming up with a project that would make their lives miserable.

Ramya, another resident, said the Palike did not think twice while snatching away a play area reserved for children. She saw a scam in setting up the garbage segregation unit.
“As per the submission made by the BBMP to the High Court, each ward should have one garbage segregation unit. When a segregation unit of Padmanabhanagar ward (182) is already functional near Dorekere, what was the need for setting up another one in this area?” she asked.

The residents complained that they had proposed a civic amenity site for the unit, but the BBMP officials were reluctant. They then forced the contractor to stop the construction work at the site. BBMP assistant executive engineer of the ward, Vinay Kumar, and his subordinate, Prakash, reached the spot on learning about the protest. Kumar warned the residents of legal action. He said he would lodge a police complaint against them and initiate contempt of court proceedings, following which the residents withdrew their agitation.

The residents alleged that they had already been coping with a stormwater drain where only sewage flows these days. They showed slabs covering the SWD broken at many places, which they felt was an open invitation to untoward incidents.

“We had repeatedly complained to the BBMP, but nobody took note of it. Finally, we spent Rs 50,000 from our pockets to repair a small stretch of the SWD, but now the slabs are damaged at other places too,” said Shivaram.