Team spirit vital for IBL success: Bhat

Team spirit vital for IBL success: Bhat

Arvind Bhat was barely bothered by the lack of attention he received during Banga Beats’ press conference here on Tuesday, instead he was quietly confident in his ability and his experience with the league format.

The Bangalore-based outfit is part of the Indian Badminton League and the former National champion is a well respected member of the ten-member squad which includes icon player Parupalli Kashyap.

“The team has to sit and strategise as to what exactly some of our roles are,” said Arvind Bhat. “The plan right now, as far as I am concerned, is to try and build team spirit and build support. It is one of the most important things when it comes to such team events. From my experience in the German League, team spirit is sometimes the difference between winning and losing.”

Having played in the German League with some of the finest players on the circuit, the 34-year-old, who was bagged by the team for $7,500, lent his expertise on the league format and the future of the IBL. “I feel the first year will inevitably be about generating hype, bringing in the sponsors and in turn the money. Thereafter, it is important that it becomes a professional league in the mould of those in Europe. I feel grassroot development is the only way teams will benefit. Having the league spread across six to eight months, like it is in Germany, will help too.”

While Arvind was working on a strategy, the rest of the Indians in the team -- Aditya Prakash, Aparna Balan and Akshay Dewalker -- were just happy to be there in the squad.
“It’s a great opportunity to mix and play with some world class players from around the world. I think the league will ensure badminton in the country will become better,” said Aparna.

It was also announced that local lad Daniel S Farid will be the eleventh member of the team. “This will be an excellent opportunity for me. I don’t think I will get to play but just watching these players play is enough to get better,” said the 16-year-old.