At ease with a rare instrument

At ease with a rare instrument

Natasha Ramanujam, a classically-trained French horn player from the USA, performed at St Mark’s Cathedral recently.

She was accompanied by Natallia Kapylova, a pianist from Belarus, who is based in the City.

Gentle harmony and coordination between the two instruments was the highlight, with each having a special place in the world of classical music.

What was interesting was to watch how the two musicians complemented each other on stage.

Natasha, formerly a member of the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra, was completely at ease with the uncommon instrument and played it to perfection.

Natallia too seemed to be enjoying herself and displayed her skills effortlessly.

The pieces that were chosen for the set and rendered were also quite unusual for a classical concert.

There was an excellent rendition of ‘Song Without Words Op 109’ by Felix Mendelssohn, which can be played both on the French horn and the cello.

Mozart’s ‘Horn Concerto No 2 in E-flat major, K-417’ was also performed and made for an interesting addition to the repertoire.

Also on the cards was ‘Die Mainacht - The May Night Op 43 No 2’ by Johannes Brahms, a lesser known but enjoyable classical composition.

As was expected, the audience found nothing to complain of. Each composer’s style was made distinct in the way the two played and appreciation was all that could be heard after the show.

“It was splendid and beautiful to watch the performance. I just did not feel like leaving!” said Alice Patra, a member of St Mark’s Cathedral.

The crowd comprised primarily of true fans of classical music that were well versed with the nuances of the genre.

Andrew Bhagyanathan, organist and choir director at St Andrew’s Church, was one such person who attended the concert. Asked his expert opinion on the show, he answered that it was ‘effortless playing and a pleasure to listen to’.

“I hope she does more recitals in the future,” he added.

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