When popcorn goes gourmet

When popcorn goes gourmet

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When popcorn goes gourmet

Two friends, one bucket full of popcorns and hands rummaging for the last bit of corns around the corner. Who doesn’t have those memories of silent fights over popcorn while watching an interesting flick?

The inextricable cinematic partner, popcorn, has a history of its own that goes beyond our childlike fights and cinema. Reinventing the idea of popcorn into a snack that could even be gifted, 4700 BC, a gourmet popcorn chain in Delhi has introduced 18 flavours of popcorn in
its outlets.

And why a popcorn entity is christened 4700 BC? Chirag Gupta, the 29-year-old co founder of the chain tells us, “We researched and found out that the popcorn date back to 4700 BC. These were first discovered in Peru.”

Over the years popcorn has evolved from its bland or salty version to the cheesy and caramelised avatars. What more could be done to this humble movie-time snack? Following up on that research, 4700 BC set its foot in the City in March this year. The flavours include mango, peanut-butter-dark-chocolate and nutty tuxedo, to name just a few.

Having passed by the small but eye-catching outlet of 4700 BC in Saket’s DLF Mall a number of times in a rush to catch up on movies and shopping,  Sami Sheik, business consultant, finally tried out these exotic varieties of popcorn. “The staff manning the outlet were happy to let me try various flavours, around 18 of them! I zeroed in on Chipotle Ranch, Italian Herbed, Spanish Tomato, and Tex-Mex.” He admits that he left the popcorn counter with four bags of these tasty popcorn and enjoyed them at home while binging on umpteen episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family.

Sami adds, “Never before in my travels in different parts of Europe, Asia and North America, have I have tasted these flavours in a popcorn. I ended up gifting some packs to my family friends as well in Delhi.”

The convenient resealable packaged popcorn come in various sizes ranging from regular, serving one to two for Rs 65 to a large tin, serving eight or more for Rs 450.