Something special for near and dear ones

Something special for near and dear ones

Something special for near and dear ones

Gone are the days when one had to hunt for that perfect gift for someone special. Now, gift vouchers are the ‘in’ thing. 

These have become not only an easy option but also a very convenient one as all brands and retail shops sell gift vouchers. For the shops, it is a huge marketing strategy as well. More and more people are following this new trend. Youngsters, in fact, say that it has also become a fad. 

Chandana, a professional, says that she has presented many of her friends with gift vouchers on many occasions and says that it is a convenient option. 

“The best part about giving gift cards and vouchers is that one doesn’t necessarily have to think about the likes and dislikes of a person as one can choose whatever one wants. For instance, I have presented many of my friends, who like reading, gift vouchers from popular bookstores in the City. Most of these vouchers are pretty flexible and serve the purpose,” she notes.

The presence of stores, malls and brands in all parts of the City makes redeeming these gift cards easy. Many people say that all stores should sell gift vouchers. 

“It is really surprising to see that it is not just the big retail stores which have the facility of gift vouchers, even the smaller stores offer this. Big retail garment stores as well as small boutiques sell gift vouchers. In fact, now there are very few shops which do not extend this facility to their customers,” says Sithara, a professional.

Many shopkeepers feel that it helps in promoting their business and is also a good way to publicise and promote the products that they have. 

Ameen, owner of a small gift shop in Indiranagar, feels that he has benefited in more ways than one through gift vouchers. 

“If a customer likes the products in the shop, he or she is sure to come back and in most cases, they come back and buy gift vouchers for their friends and relatives. It is a great way to get publicity and helps in the promotion of small business ventures. There are many customers who pick up only gift vouchers. I also have a lot of corporate clients who buy gift vouchers from me in bulk. It is a good way to reward an employee,” he informs.

Gift vouchers are also quite popular among the corporates and giving gift vouchers as rewards is quite common. Sunil, a professional, says that he often gets many such gift vouchers and cards. 

“While the gift vouchers can be used in most of the retail outlets, gift cards have a particular sum of money loaded in it and can be used for shopping or at restaurants,” he sums up.