Different countries celebrate Children's Day on different dates

Different countries celebrate Children's Day on different dates

Different countries celebrate Children's Day on different dates

Children's Day

With an aim to celebrate the spirit of children and their talent, the United Nations General Assembly in 1954 recommended that all countries around the world should set aside a day for this purpose.
Suggesting that every country should observe the day on the date which it considers appropriate, the UN body said, "Children's Day would be seen as a symbol of worldwide fraternity and understanding and also be an opportunity to promote the welfare of kids".
Initially International Children's Day began in Turkey on June 1, 1920, and was later adopted by Geneva during 1925 World Conference. Whereas, every year November 20 is celebrated as Universal Children's Day.
While, Pakistan celebrates November 20 as Children's Day and organise special programmes dedicated to them, China mark the day on June 1 which was earlier celebrated as Dragon Boat Festival in the country.
In Britain, August 30 has been chosen for this purpose. On the day, a two-day carnival is organised in London in which all the school-going children participate.
Children's day, which is celebrated on May 5, is also known as 'Kodomo no Hi' in Japan. On the occasion, mothers prepare special dishes of rice like 'Kashiwamochi' and 'Chimaki' for their children.

The United States has selected first or second Sunday of the month of June to celebrate the spirit of children who are future of the nation. It also mark the whole week as the Family Week.
Australia has declared Children's Day on the first Sunday of July, while it celebrates last week of October as Children's week. It holds cultural activities on the occasion and collect funds for the disadvantaged kids by selling cards for the day.

Before its unification, Germany had two days on which Children's day would be celebrated. While in east Germany, it was known as International Children's Day and celebrated on June 1, west Germany marked it as World Children's Day on September 20. Now most parents celebrate the day on June 1.|

However in Mexico, the occasion, which is known as "El Dia Del Nino", is marked on April 30. This day children go to school to attend a fiesta and were given gifts by the school authorities. They also participate in a special parade organised for them.

In Singapore, it's October 1 which is a holiday for kids and every school celebrates it in different way by organising fairs, cultural programmes and parade.

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